Native ESL teacher looking for part time work

Hi I am looking for work as an English teacher in Malaysia, preferably Penang.  I will consider anywhere in Malaysia and would like to specialise in IELTS area.  I have experience in this area and the necessary qualifications to teach in Asia.

I am finding it difficult to find work, mainly due to my age.  I have taken early retirement and I have a wealth of life experience and would love to help others less fortunate than myself.

Can anyone recommend a education centre or school please?

The stumbling block will be the part-time bit, because of the minimum salary required to qualify for a work permit (i.e. RM5k per month). There is no age restriction on a Professional Pass (work permit). Perhaps the way forward is to apply for a full-time position then negotiate a reduction in hours (or pro rata to get the minimum salary). KL is going to be far easier to find work as there are numerous language schools there. Perhaps join internations dot org nd take a look at their forum, as I see there are some schools recruiting right now. I know there are jobs around because an acquaintance recently moved from one to another job (Alor Setar to KL). I'll send you her name by PM and you will find her on internations.

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