Moving to Cape Town in May


I'm a brit moving to Cape Town in mid-May, as my partner has just moved back home after 3 years in the Uk (where we met). Although he has lots of frineds and family there, I'm keen to make my own network of friends. I'm into sport, especially yoga, and my aim in the next year is to perfect my surfing. I'd love to meet similar type people, who are keen to catch some waves.

Welcome on board Katiet6882 ;)

Hi Katie,

Sounds a similar story to mine... I've just moved to Cape Town from London to be with the Saffa boyfriend who I met there. He's got lots of friends from school / uni etc but really keen to make some of my own! Feel free to get in touch when you arrive or if you have any questions about relocating here I'll do my best to answer.

Good luck with the move.


hi there to both of you,

as I am sure Kate has noticed, it is in general really easy to meet people in SA. depending on where you will live, most area's are really friendly, especially the surfer community. you will be surprised at how many people are from the UK or at least worked there for plenty years. best of luck to you both!

Hey Katie,

Hopefully I'll also be starting yoga soon - dropped my ex off at her yoga class, they insisted I join in, and I tell you, I sweated! It was great.

Yoga can be pricey, but this one's pretty popular and inexpensive:

Clare Harker
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084 434 1281

Dean : )

Welcome on board, Katie.

I moved to Cape Town in July 2010. I haven't really made a lot of friends BUT people here are very friendly. The only people I hang out with are my partner's friends and they have been great. I'm sure you'll get along well with your partner's friends etc. Through them, you'll met other people.

There are a lot of UK expats here especially where I live which is in Somerset West. All the best and you'll love Cape Town!