Moving to Las Terrenas in October

Hi, I'm new to the forum. . .well to posting on it. . .but I have been reading the posts for several months.  My husband and I are moving to Las Terrenas in October.  I just retired this last December and we had been looking for a nice, warm, relatively inexpensive place to spend our retirement.  We visited Panama and didn't find anything to suit us.  Then we visited Las Terrenas last October and found it to be quaint, more modern than expected and extremely friendly.  The weather and scenery weren't bad either! 

We met some wonderful, very helpful people and now are planning to move there.  We currently live in Washington state and while unbelievably beautiful here we want an adventure before we are too old to have one.  My husband, John, is an avid snorkler and I am an avid snorkler watcher so the beaches are very attractive.  We both do some light hiking so the trails in the parks to some of the water falls look inviting.  We are also into sightseeing and driving around the beautiful country.

We are hoping to meet others with the same interests in the area. 

We are excited and impatient to get our new adventure going.  Hoping to meet new people through this forum so I am open to communication.


Welcome to you both!  I hope you find the adventure you are looking for here!  Keep reading and we are here to help when we can!

Thank you, Planner.  I'll keep reading and learning.


Welcome and good luck.  Yes do ask questions as the adventure unfolds.

Bob K

I will Bob.


Hello to young your husband Nancy. I wil be arriving there this month. Hopefully we will meet up.

Hi Mountainmama52,

That would be wonderful! We are excited to meet new people. We should be there in October and I will be sure to send you a quick note through the Forum. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going down there.

I can't wait to get there we are so excited.

Will you be living in town?


I know how you feel. I'm very excited as well. I will be on the edge of town in a gated community next to the beach. Just where I wanted to be!
Will keep in touch.


We are planning on moving to Punta canna next year to give my twins a different look at life. I think that is close to where you plan on moving. One question did you do your resident visa yourself or hire a lawyer?  Looks like the paper work is extensive

Hire a lawyer!!!! It doesnt have to cost a fortune!!!! Both Bob and I can recommend reasonable lawyers!

Hi Bobby,

We are not doing the residence visa yet. We're going to do a tourist visa and just pay the overstay fees when we leave. When we decide for sure that we want to live there full time we will start doing the residence visa. We will be coming back to the states often so we will start the process in the states when we make the determination of what we want to do. We definitely will hire a lawyer to be sure it gets done right. We don't want to get in the middle of the process and find that we didn't do it correctly.

We would love to meet you when we get down there and I'm sure we are pretty close to each other, at least close enough to drive.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.

Best regards,

John and Nancy

Thanks Planner,

I appreciate the feedback. We will definitely contact you for some lawyer names when we get ready to do that.


Your plans make perfect sense!!!!

Bobby and Nancy - just an FYI - it's at least a 3 hour drive from Las Terrenas to Punta Cana!

Thought you had to go down to Santa Domingo, then to PC.  Is there a new highway open?

I was guessing at 3 hours - knew it would be at least that long!  Google Maps is showing closer to 4 hours, and yes...down to the capital and then over to Punta Cana.

6 hours plus or minus

Bob K

Santo Domingo to Punta Cana airport area is 2 hours if regular traffic! SD to las terrenas???

SD to Las Terrenas is about 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on traffic.  We will go to SD occasionally and plan to do a lot of sightseeing so visiting Punta Cana is definitely a possibility.

Hope to see you when we do visit there.

Well i am currently splitting my time between Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo. But to meet you!


You've made it from Las Terrenas to SD in 90 minutes?  Our trips have all been over 2 hours.  What part of Las Terrenas were you traveling to?  Even our return from Coson took over 2 hours, and I don't think our drivers were wasting any time!


Well ours was from the airport to downtown LT.  It was probably closer to 2 hours but we didn't have too much traffic and we didn't stop anywhere either.  My husband said 90 minutes so I went with that.

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