Pension Taxes in Thailand

Hi. Thinking about moving to Thailand.  I will receive a U.S. Govt. pension and would like to know if it will be taxed in Thailand?  Do you know the answer or can you please direct me to information on this matter.

I am not an expert on taxes but I have never had to pay taxes on assets or investments from overseas.  If you are not working here you should not have a problem.  Even when you are asked to prove that you have enough money to get your visa, they do not impose a tax on that amount of money.

A very, very long time ago you had to get a tax clearance every time you left the country and they taxed you on what they considered the minimum amount a foreigner could live on, even if you said you didn't work.  Fortunately those days are long gone.

Its only taxed in country of source per US Thailand Double Taxation Treaty.

Check IRS link below for detailed info. … -documents

Contact the IRS

I don't know of anyone paying this kind of tax, after all it comes from the US, so why do you think you would be taxed again?  You can contact the American Embassy to find out more.

I have looked at this issue many times in many ways.

As a US citizen you are required to file every year. Some people do not think so.

As a generally a person who makes $25k US a year will not be taxed.

You do have to report all income to the IRS regardless of where the money comes from i.e. domestic vs. international source.

I too get a government pension and Social Security income. I am required to report all income, even if I am living in Thailand. If that income is above the ceiling then I do have to pay tax on it. As I have read the US is one of the few or only countries in which they reach out to their citizens for tax's no matter where in the world they live. This is something I have read, so I am only the messenger. I'm too old to be concerned about someone's discontent.

Also Medicare is not applicable. However your out of pocket medical expenses are deductible. There is health insurance available. The annual premium seems to be about $2.5 k per year, maybe per person. That too would be deductible. Look for deductibles.

Then again you may have your own individual situation that negates some of this.