Recognition of foreign qualifications in Guadeloupe

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Guadeloupe? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Guadeloupe or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


hi Priscilla

all European qualification are recognised. I got my UK MBA recognised by the academy of Guadeloupe. However when it comes to professional accounting qualification like the UK ACCA professional qualification this is done in Paris. The ordre de expert comptable here can give you the address. For the others I do not know.

However albeit the recognition of qualifications,  finding a job is another ball game altogether cause if you have not worked in France forget it.

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