Work, live and play in Guadeloupe

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Work in Guadeloupe: unemployment is rather high in Guadeloupe.  If you plan on working 'square', with a permit de travail and a stay card or some type of visa which allows you to work during your stay, then you have many options open to you. There is a temp agency here for office type jobs. There are classified ads you can peruse, both online and in the local papers.
Some job sites (French comprehension is required)

There is of course always the opportunity to work 'under the table' for cash. Clearly, this type of work can be sporadic and unreliable. It also offers freedom if you don't want to be tied to a square job. Just saying.

Live in Guadeloupe: A lot to cover, but in summary, you need some money. It is not a very inexpensive place to live. A car is preferable although you can get by with the bus system. 'Get by' is the key term here. The buses don't run at all hours. They are not always timely. I don't believe they are air conditioned but there may be some that are. Standing in the Caribbean sun at an non-sheltered bus stop is not very fun. Guadeloupe is not an island to move to if nightlife is one of your requirements. If you are active, consider the weather and year round temperatures for your sport of choice. Here, water sports and cycling are king.
I think that brings me to Playing in Guadeloupe. A big part of life is playing - surf, kitesurf, bodyboard, swimming, stand up paddle, sea kayak, hiking, road bike, horseback riding, fishing, waterski, wakeboard, running, triathlon, handball,petanque,tennis, golf, yoga, dance, martial arts, music,...these are just some activities and sports I can think of off of the top of my head that are quite common.
A directory of sports leagues:
It isn't difficult to find sports and activities and only takes reading signs or ads found around the island, and asking people.
People are quite supportive of anyone interested in trying something new or joining a group. It's a social activity and people like to work hard and play hard.

When I try things here in Guadeloupe I generally write about it on my blog:
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