Teaching English in Guadeoupe


I'm a qualified and experienced English language teacher. I have taught Primary 2 to 5 levels in Thailand and I'm looking for a new opportunities in Guadeloupe.

I 'm Bilingual and have French Residency status.

Does anyone know of any opportunities on the island or nearby?

Thank you,


Hi Jeff,

I only recently saw your message that you sent in May on this website so I hope that it is not too late to reply. I am an unqualified English teacher/tutor who has been living in Guadeloupe for almost 9 years with my family. There are lots of opportunities to teach English here therefore if you are still interested then contact me privately and I will give you my phone number and email address.




I'm a qualified English TEFL teacher who recently moved to Guadeloupe and am also struggling to find a job.Does anyone know of any vacancies going?
I speak a little French but not much.

Kind regards

Hi again Jeff,

I realised that when I re-read my reply to your message/post I had exaggerated somewhat without meaning to by saying that there are lot of teaching opportunities. What I had meant to say is that there is a gap in the market for English and Spanish teachers in Guadeloupe but not many jobs are advertised because there aren't many language centres and very few bilingual or Montessori schools. Teaching English in a public school is only possible if you have a French Teaching Degree and is (I think) quite difficult to get into. However, if you look online or on Facebook you might find some private schools and/or centres that might have a vacancy such as L.I.S.E (Listen I Speak English) based in Jarry and Ouilovelearning based in Baie Mahault. Just send them your CV and a covering letter by email and hopefully you will get a reply.  Or you could try other institutions and/or companies to teach adults.

Guadeloupe needs a lot more language centres then it has, especially in areas such as Sainte-Anne (where I live), St François and Le Moule because there are either a couple of very small ones or none at all. There is a big gap in the market for English and Spanish teachers but very few opportunities or places to teach.

There is also the opportunity of working as a Language Assistant in Secondary schools (colléges) or High schools (lycées) but you can only apply once a year (in May or June) and the placement is only from October until April. You have to contact the Rectorat for this or look on their website. I'm not sure if they are still looking for more Language Assistants in Guadeloupe or St Martin  but you could find out?

Good luck!


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