Safest Place to Live in DR ??

I have lived in Maranatha and Bella Vista for the past two years without incident. Maranatha is a small bedroom community in Sosúa.

We have neighborhood watch.  The monitoring system is basically grandmothers that peer out their windows and communicate with other with WhatsApp.

I have come home to be asked, "Did you find everything that you needed in Charamicos?" without telling anyone where I was going.

Bella Vista is south of Maranatha and in the country-side.  I wouldn't want to have a home there that was too far from my neighbors because there wouldn't be anyone to keep an eye on the property.

Charamicos, on the west end of Sosúa Beach, is a lively community but is crowded, which creates difficulty supervising the numerous adolescents and young adults. 

The only place that I have seen young people fight is in Charamicos.  Such behavior would not be tolerated in Maranatha.

I am much more cautious in tourist areas because that is where the extranjeros can be found and that is an attraction to thieves and hustlers. 

I was visiting a friend this week in La Cienga, Cabarete, and there weren't any people on the street waiting to find a foreigner to "help" because there weren't any other foreigners.  I am much safer in that environment.

My suggestion is always be kind but never nice and be aware of your surroundings

I have lived all over this country. Safety is very much about what you do and how you do it.

Stupid things happen to stupid people.

Bob K

if you flash,you'll crash,     2 am on the town, you'll go down.  be smart, life is an art, so do you part & feel free to fart (but not upwind).    the safest place is in your mind.

Hello there my name is Rhonda Akins I'm currently living in Houston Texas and I'm interested in relocating to the Dominican Republic particularly in Punta Cana and I had seen on here where you have properties that may be available for rent for short-term or long-term and I just wanted to stay in touch with you for when I get ready to make that move.  I'm nowhere close to moving yet probably within the next year or so but I just wanted to be able to get in touch with you in the event that I would want to probably move their first and rent for a while and then potentially build my own property.  So you can get in touch with me via email my email address is ***
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rhonda Akins

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Rhonda welcome to the forum.  I am not sure who you were addressing in your post.  There is lots of information her for you to read about living here. You have the right plan in renting for a while before purchasing anything.  This is a large country with lots of different areas to explore as potential living. Have  you been here before?  IF so where have you visited?  Do you speak Spanish?   Will you need to get work here to support yourself?

Also you should never post personal information like phone numbers of email addresses here and in fact I have asked to have your email removed from your post.

Good luck in your search and feel free to ask questions for information you cannot find in the various posts.

Bob K

Welcome Rhonda. I had the same reaction to your post. Was it meant to be a private message?

Yes Bob is correct, lots of great info here for you. Read, read, read then ask questions.

You are right, rent first!!!

Yes I apologize I was trying to reply to somebody so I didn't mean to put it out there for everybody to see

Thought so honey.  To reply  to a specific person go to their profile to send a private message. However you cannot start a private message yet,  you need more time and more posts for that feature to be turned "on".  You can however respond to someone who messages you first!

Yes. No problem. I’ll be happy to help anyway I can. Keep in touch.

I would love to connect with American expatriates living in Las Terranas. I am planning my retirement & this is an area where I am interested in living.

We have more than one on here  Kathrynne!  Have you been here before?   Why Las Terranas? I am curious.

Welcome to the forums! If you go to the welcome thread, please introduce yourself so we know a bit more about you!

Let me add my welcome.  Before you settle on one area do some exploring around.  The north coast has lots of areas where Expats have settled.  Where have you already visited?
Bob K

Do most expats live on a compound with security guards? I am just wondering are there any expat communities not on a compound? I guess what I want to know is can I found a small 2BR  villa that is not on a compound but a safe area to live in Cabarete, Sosúa or Puerto Plata. Also, do the cost of buying a villa stay about the same or is the cost trending upwards. I've been doing a ton of reading here since I returned from my trip to DR in October and I want thank you guys for all time and information you have put in with this website to help us do our research on the Dominican Republic. I really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

It amazes me constantly that the DR somehow is portrayed as if it were a Middle Eastern terrorist ridden country.  Even the connotations that words like Compound, Gated, Walled & security guards make it sound like prison.  So far from reality, so far.  Many if not most ex-pats live in homes, condos & apartments that are not segregated from the rest of society. Many people feel more at "home" living in the gated communities. However, fear should not be the motivation for their choice.  The DR is not Detroit, Chicago or Miami. Talk to the old timers here, then you will know the truth.  I discount the large cities, SD & Santiago. The North shore is about the safest place I've ever lived.  Common sense & a modicum of street smarts will get you through unscathed.  Beware of the doom sayers, they have a different itch to scratch!

Thanks Tinker40. That's good to hear because I only see info about the gated communities on the North Coast. I don't mind the gated communities and I live in one now in Atlanta for security but still had my car broken into.  My preference is to live outside of one in DR thou. I'm not smart but I have tons of common sense; well at least I think so lol

most don't live on compounds. Some live in gated communities.  The level of security varies.

I've lived all over this island. There are safe places and dangerous places everywhere!!!

Just be smart and things are more likely to be fine. Read lots. Keep,your head down and learn!

You are welcome. Planner is right also. You sound smart to me. I think you meant "street smarts". Come & enjoy the life here.

I live in one of those gated communities but it is  not a "compound" but rather a collection of villas usually built by the owners living there.  Yes we do have security but we did when we have lived elsewhere. 
We leave the "compound" on a daily basis and interact with the community. In no way do we feel threatened here.

Thanks for the advice Planner, BoB K, and Tinker. I'm still about a year out from moving there but really looking forward to a simpler lifestyle near the beach. I'll continue to read the great info you guys put on here so I should be well informed by the time I make the move.

You will learn a great deal, it gives you the tools to construct a life here. The raw materials for this construction will be what your eyes, ears, nose & feet on the ground teach you. The mortar that binds it all together is the experience you gather once here. Good wishes & welcome.

Hello.  My husband and I are supposed to move to the DR this summer.  Punta Cana, Bavaro area to be specific.   I have been reading posts on this site and am now curious about the north coast area, Puerto Plata?   I asked my husband about it and he says that it is much worse there than PC and that u guys lose power a lot and it's not as developed as PC, etc.   Can anyone that has been to both give me some insight to the accuracy of this?    Thank you.


Greetings Kimberlie. I have spent time in both areas. Some of what you have stated about both areas are somewhat true, but the best option is to experience both areas for yourself.  Each region has its pros and cons.  Electricity is a bit more reliable in PC because it is primarily a tourist zone and probably has better infrastructure, but at the same time a bit more expensive than Puerto Plata in the North. As far as safety, once again, there tends to be a bit more security where tourism is prime and big dollars invested, the North originally used to be the jewel of the Caribbean, but after Punta Cana was developed, it just seemed that it became a stepchild rather than the 1st born. In my honest opinion, Puerto Plata has more to offer scenic wise and feels more like island living, Punta Cana reminds me a bit of Miami, where it is mostly hotels and condos based. If you are looking for a more Westernized lifestyle, then PC is great, but if you want the Dominican island feel, then PP is the way to go. This is my humble opinion :cool: Others might see it differently. Take a trip up North & rent for a while and see how you like it, the North is a big region, and you have many areas to choose from, trial and error is you best decision maker.

I'm with you 100% in what you say. If people are more comfortable in an area that is more like "home" then PC is for you. On the other hand, if you wish to become more immersed in island life, then the North shore , OR, other areas of this amazing island is for you to explore. Which ever or where ever it is , welcome. It is always your choice.

Paradisecat has posted a very good entry.  It is so true.   If you are looking for a Miami, Cancun etc tourist atmosphere then PC is got what you want.
If you are looking for a truer Island experience and more areas to visit and things to do then start looking at the North coast

Bob K

Thinking you are safer because it's a tourist zone - might be true if you are a tourist. It might not be true if you live here

Safety is a bit .ore complicated than that.

Some good info for you here. Visit and try to stay in both areas. They are very different.

Hei Mike

Could you help me out to find some rental places in Bavaro pls?


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Yes. No problem.
When are you in town?

I totally disagree since I was assaulted there and got everything stolen!

So outside the resorts,  Punts Cans is dangerous.


Sophie i am sorry to hear you had this happen!!!  It can happen anywhere and we alwYs have to be careful and aware. I hope you are ok!

Thanks for your comments but I didn't see much infrastructure in Punta Cana except near the big supermarket where Ikea is. It's difficult to walk except on the beach where finally you feel more protected, when it rains,  it's almost impossible to walk in the street as water doesn't evacuate and just stays there,  so you need high plastic boots. . As far as safety is,  it's just the opposite,  where tourists are, thieves are also. Why ? Simply because,  that where they can make easy money of course,  either 'honestly' or simply by taking what you have. So they just follow the money. Makes sense for them.

I guess the DR is not for you.  Sorry you had such a bad experience.  We have lived here for 12 years and have NEVER felt threatened.

Bob K

Well my parents walk around here all day in their 70s  and never get bothered.  So, I don’t know what to tell you.

I need a place to rent long term.

iT IS A BIG  Island Biggz.  Where & what size, general budget, reason to move here? Need a lot more info to help you.  Read the threads that pertain to your question, then read more & more. Right now you are shooting craps in a blind  alley without lights. Help us to help you.

Welcome to the forums. Tinker is right, we need more info honey.

Does anyone know a good realtor/owner of properties for long term rental, for a very reasonable cost, while I look for properties to buy?

That is dependent on where you want to buy. I have a realtor friend in Luperon who could help you.

Yup depends on where you want to settle!

I have been coming to Luperon since December, 2014.  This is my third trip.  And it appears there is much less crime here, than in POP where I spent a few weeks in early 2015.  Smaller community.  More honest people.

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