Safest Place to Live in DR ??

p.s.  As an example.  Last week, a man who lives in a small community 10-15 minutes from Luperon was involved in a motorcycle crash.  He was taken to POP and then transferred to Santo Domingo for treatment  He died on Thursday and yesterday, they had a funeral for him and hundreds turned out.  That is an incredible experience to see.

Have one for most of the North shore.  Now to the nitty gritty:  Safe from what?  Tsunamis. insurrections, bad drivers, scammers. hookers, home invasions, muggers. robbers. dishonest real estate dude or dudettes? Hurricanes, termites. cocos falling on your vehicles. floods? Please state your concerns so that we may relieve your worries. It will help if you tell us where you are interested in.  You are never 100% safe drunk on a dark street at 3:00 in the morning.  What are you afraid of the most?

Try Sosua/Cabarete area. More to do & see, many expats & much less crime than one would expect  Moved here in 2002,  Got burgeled 1st. week, nothing since. No place is totally safe or secure. If you are content there, stay there & visit other places when the itch occurs.

Hi.I'm having a hard time finding information about neighborhood breakdown of Punta Cana. Is there any information online?

I'm looking for non gated communities.
Looking for at least a 2 bedroom/ 2 Bath apartment or home to rent. Could I find something decent for US $500 a month?

I'll be visiting soon but wanted more information before I go.

Thank you,


There isn't much online unfortunately. We always say " boots on the ground".

Also be aware that " gated communities" are not often really that. Just because a group of buildings or a building is gated doesn't make it a fortress.  It can be misleading.

You say non gated but don't rule out everything just because it's gated honey.

On another note your budget is quite tight. You may want to be looking in Vernon which is very close to Punta Cana.   Look for websites: I have two on my laptop and will post later.

Thank you @ Planner for responding. I could pay more if I have to. I'll  look at all the options when I'm in Punta Cana.   I mentioned non gated communities because I read they're more expensive.

In general, the Punta Cana area is more expensive than most of the rest of the country. Outside of  the real up-scale resorts. Casa de Campo & Playa Grande for example.  Good luck & welcome.

Thank you @ The tinker40. I'm excited and looking forward to the big move next year.

No where is 99.999% safe from crime except maybe Kauai and that's a long flight from DR.

Safety resides in the brain. Common sense rules.  Fools & idiots are always targets.  Flash & clash,  Always better to be a medium sized fish in a medium pond, than to be big fish in a large lake.  as my accountant kept saying,  Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered".  Again, saftey is using your mind.  I would suggest not living in Alcarrizos. More of my thoughts are availabe, if & only if you have a sense of humor & are willing to adhere to the three L's........ Look........Listen.............Learn.   The secret to life anywhere,   anywhere!


I am looking to relocate to Punta Cana with my daughter after she graduates high school. Are the closed communities to live in that are available to rent and allow dogs? Could you please suggest some if you know of any? Another interesting question 😃 I am planning on telecommuting full time with my employer in the US, would I be required to apply for a working visa?  Anything else that you suggest would be much appreciated.  Thanks

There are plenty of gated communities especially in the Cocotal area of Bavaro. Most allow pets. There are many who work online for a US employer and don´t apply for a work visa.

There are people all over this country who work online and dont report anything here. It is not fully legal but most just overstay and pay the fine when they fly out.

Anyone has any information on gated community in punta Cana.
Also how much will be rental of such

Anyone has any information on gated community in punta Cana.
Also how much will be rental of such

Cocotal is very secure and offers a great choice of apts. and houses. I am currently living in Cocotal and very pleased with the maintenance and security provided.
You can check a FB page:  "Gente que Vive en Cocotal"  for more info, also another FB page "Clasificados Bavaro" with listings for rentals, furnished and unfurnished.
If interested, there are a couple of realtors I dealt with who could help.

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