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Could you suggest how to find long term rentals in the Punta Cana area and Cap Cana ? Thanks

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It will really depend what you are looking for. There are some websites for the higher end. There are some facebook groups that will have rentals. And we have some classified ads here, check them out!

But the best way to find anything is what we call boots on the ground,.  Stay in a hotel for a week or so and get out and start looking in the areas you want to be in.  In more popular areas this wont' work as well due to supply and demand.  Demand is too high there will be nothing to rent. 

FB groups =  Everything Bayahibe,  Everything Punta Cana to start!

If you were looking on the north shore there would be plenty of help. That is where I live so are of no use to you, sorry. Good luck in your search & welcome.

I have used air b&b before with great success! Plenty of options there, after meeting with the lanlord in person, you can probably negotiate something outside of air b&b since it would perhaps be a bit less expensive by cutting out the middle man :cool:

We have found Punta Cana the most difficult location to find long term rentals ( 6 months or more that overlap high season  ), as many owners can charge very high rates in the winter. They can be had but best chance of success will probably come from starting with a short term (month or so) and then working the area that you like (there are a number of sections of PC). Try agents, talk to people, look for signs,etc.

Good luck, please let us know how it turns out!

I sent you a PM Martincris.

That area is the main trouristrap area of the island.

Check out:

Clasificados Bavaro on FB, plenty of apts. for rent every day, both short and long term.

VRBO.com also has many options, so does Booking.com  and some state a discount for long-term rentals.

Some of these are in Cap Cana, you can also contact info[at]capcana.com and view their website.
There are many apts. available in Las Canas, just outside of Cap Cana, and at the Cap Cana Marina.
They are fairly reasonable for the area and conveniences offered.


Again thank you Michita!!!!

I manage reasonably priced long term rentals in the Punta Cana area.  They are also advertised on several websites but you should remember most rental websites are middle men which means you will pay more money because they charge the property owners commission.  Sometimes there are benefits with some of these rental websites such as insurance, using credit cards, cancellation policies etc. which you may find a benefit.  It has been my experience that you are better off finding a private trustworthy rental.  Anyone renting with a good reputation can usually point you to reviews to validate their reputation and should have rental agreements and policies in place to support the rental.

Feel welcome to PM me for more details.

Great post as well!!!!

Where would a good place to start looking for a rental in the Sosua website. We r planing on coming down rent motel or find a place for a couple months to see where we want to be before we buy or rent long term tks

There are a few Facebook groups you can check for rentals. There is not that much online, your best bet is boots on the ground. Book a hotel or Air BnB then  start checking out the neighborhoods. Often it is best to  have a local help you!

Keep in mind prices vary on season a Feburary price is higher then June. There Airbnb for 25 U.S. a day but they usually don't have A.C. included but cable y internet. They usually are furnished with complete kitchen. Cooking for yourself is key but you will see your eating habits tend to change based on the heat and the fresh fruits .

Boots on the ground exploring the many side streets & asking questions of course. Having a local help is a sure way to go.Remember that a long time expat is a kind of "Local" also. There are many restaurants& bars with a percentage of expat patrons. Be patient & enjoy the exercise from all the walking around.   My apartment is a 1bdrm furnished with huge windows with balcony. It's on a very quiet street. I pay $235 US a month. It is surprising how many good places there are in Sosua. Many of them not advertised, just word of mouth, so use yours.  You will find what you are looking for fairly quickly.  You don't have to take the first place you see,  PM me for more info. I am not an agent & have no $$ interest in this at all. Welcome & good luck to you.

Great info, thanks!

Tks to all I was just thinking of a place to stay tell I found something to call home

Same advice whether one week or one year. There are many small hotel here, however, it is high season so premium prices, cheapest that I know of are around $40 US a night. Better off renting a room for about $250 a month than paying $280 for a week. Antonia's has rooms,wi-fi, large shared kitchen & common areas, a nice pool, very secure & well maintained.   NOT to be confused with Antonio's!  Feel free to PM me.

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