Naturalisation and citizenship in Barbados

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Barbados? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Barbados? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Barbadian citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I am going through this process.

Assuming you do not take the expedient shortcut of simply marrying a Barbadian.

It is a long process - to get immigration status you have to have been legally resident here for five years, then you apply. I then waited for a further five years for "the interview", just last week my lawyer got a request for follow up information - the interview was nine months ago - I am expecting an outcome in the next six months. If all goes well that will give me permanent residence, then I get to wait a for a couple of decades further if I wzmt to go for citizenship snd the passport.

I have a friend who is in his seventies, been here fifty years not his a couple of years back.

If you have ancestral and well documented ties to the island it would go smoother e.g. parents/grandparents.

If not it certainly not a case of fill out a form and a small fee and citizenship comes in the post, i.e. there is no citizenship by investment programme here and unlikely that there ever will be.

Hi Ebbie1000,

If I may ask, if a tourist/visitor gives birth in Barbados, does the baby get immediate citizenship/passport?


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