Where do I start and what do I need to do?

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I am blessed to work from anywhere and very interested in moving to Barbados.  This has never been an option before so I am not sure what I would need to consider.  Looking for any advice.  What requirements I must satisfy, what type of visa would I need to stay for extended period of time (years) if not permanently.  What should I consider when moving?  Would it be better to bring my belongings? or to purchase when I get there?

I look forward to gaining knowledge from your experience.


I would love for someone to respond to this also, i would love to know what sort of info you find out  :)

Barbados likes to say that there are only two reasons for a foreign national to be in country. One is as a tourist, and the other is on a work permit(visa) or education permit(visa). When you come into immigration, they will likely give you 3 months, if you ask for it. After that, you need to go to immigration in Bridgetown, down by the careenage. With a good reason, like looking to buy property or start a business or something similar, and they will give you another 3 moths, with payment of $100 barbados. If you own a house in Barbados, they will give you 6 months when you come into immigration at the airport. The other 6 months, they expect you to be someplace else. You can ship whatever you want. Starting with personal goods, like clothes, kitchenware, and bathroom ware is a good step. Furniture is up to you. You pay by the cubic foot on a boat. When hiring a shipper in your home country, ensure that they have an office in Barbados, or at least someone who has access to the customs agents. Wood will draw a bug inspection, but that is something the customs agent would access. If things look like they have been used, the customs fees will be much less. Anything new in a box would draw a larger fee. Cars are a whole another matter. It is probably better to buy a car in Barbados. You might end up paying for the car again, if you bring your own, between shipping, and customs fees. After 5 years, you can apply for a more permanent status. That process is not clear cut and can take many years.

Awesome!  Fantastic info, thank you so much!   :D

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