Obtaining a Northern Rhodesian (Zambian) Birth Certificate

I have a faded copy of my Northern Rhodesian birth certificate.  I need an original.  How on earth do I get one, when Zambia doesn't recognize Northern Rhodesia and I was born before Independence.  I know that there has to be others in the same situation as me.  Any info would be welcome.


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please help me..im trying to obtain my fathers death certificate.he died in zambia in 1964..ndola...as i was born there to..n/rhodesia.my father name is :guy leonard monckton..he lived and worked in zambia...also.i dont know if he was married to my mother..before my time..marriage cert..please please help me obtain above..and how much and who do i pay to get above.....as i was 7 when my dad died..in 1964...thank you.and look foreward to your urgent reply...again..thank you..philip e monckton..( should you require my address ill hand it to you..


I was given the following email address:  kunal[at]zamnet.zm and have just mailed him as apparently he has access to the archives and assists with optaining N-Rhodesian birth certificates and records.

Fingers crossed.


Kat here from Cape Town

I wanted to find out if you had any success with kunal zamnet zm (or any other way!) to get your birth certificate?

If so please email me on ***


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Did you have success getting certificate.. I also need one! Am struggling!

Kat Evans

I am having the same problem. Have you made any progress?

The registrar in Lusaka can get you the certificate. Having it legalised is the problem.
Let me know if you want their number.

I succeeded! Got my certificate couriered to me in Cape Town in approx 12-13 days after getting assistance from Karen ***

I thought it was too good to be true.. but certificate arrived!

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Hi there. I was reading this thread and curious about how you managed to get your birth certificate. I’ve been living in the U.K since I was a child. I’ve tried relentlessly to get a copy of my birth certificate from Lusaka for 8 years now but to no avail. Do you have any advice for me please? Best wishes

Hi Kat,

I am trying to get my fathers Unabridged birth certificate, he was born in Northern Rhodesia in 1951.

I see you were successful in getting yours, how do I go about getting my dads?

I would really appreciate any help.

My personal Email is a***

Kind Regards,

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I was born in 1957 Northern Rhodesia and need to source my birth certificate, where do I start?

Hi Guys, please could you PM me the details of those who can help me obtain a Birth Certificate for my Grandfather born in Northern Rhodesia. thank you so much!

Lusaka Town Hall. Contact the Registrar of Births. Details are on the Internet. If not message me for their email and phone number. They recently 'renewed' mine.

Hi Kat

Who did you email to get your birth certificate i am trying to assist my dad with his ?

Hi I am wanting to obtain my Dad's Unabridged Birth certificate from Zambia (Northern Rhodesia. Can someone please assist with a contact. I have the original birth certificate with all the relevant information to trace it.

Looking forward to the assistance.


Hi Everyone,

please could i ask you for your help.

Im also trying to obtain a lost birth certificate for my father and im seriously struggling.
my father was born in Northern Rhodesia and now resides in South Africa.

please could you assist me with the contact details you successfully got your birth certificate.

Thank you in advance

Thanks a Mil Paulmas, i will give it a go

The easiest way is to ask the Consul to help you but you can also simply mail or telephone the Town Hall in Lusaka, Registrar of Births in the Town Clerk's office. They are very helpful and can track your father's record of birth and (re) issue a certificate.
It becomes difficult when the paper has to be legalised as then ii will have to go to the embassy in Zambia of the country in which you reside or require a legal stamp. This is a consular service.
I will see if I can find the phone numbers but if you google Town Clerk Lusaka and take the time to patiently talk to them they know how to do this.
DHL can deliver the documents but payment can be tricky.
Again I suggest you talk to the South African Consul in Zambia and the Registrar of Births in Lusaka.
When I return to my office I will see if I still have the email addresses but they are on the Internet!
Good luck. Deb

Thank you very much for all the information Deb , i appreciate all your help!

Hi Kat,

Please can you kindly share with the procedure and contact points you used in obtaining a Northern Rhodesian (Zambian) Birth Certificate.

i'm urgently looking to get this paperwork, and have had no response to the original letter written to the Lusaka department (below) for more than a month now.

Registrar General of Births, Deaths & Marriages
P.O. Box 32311
Tel: (260-1) 228197

Hi Kat,  please can you assist me. I too live in Cape town and am needing to get my fathers unabridged birth certificate from Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) I do have his original birth certificate (laminated though) but not his unabridged.  Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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