Hello ,does anyone know of some good cheap public hot springs in Bulgaria,or mud baths please, thank you!I love the curative springs, preferably in the centre or North Bulgaria?Are they clothing optional too please?

Hi Emintal,

There are many hot springs in Bulgaria. And it also depends on what you mean by cheap - tere are springs that can be used without any payment - in Varna, close to the sea for example. Also in other areas.
Cheap to my understanding are the old state owned recreational hotels - Sapareva Baja, Stara Zagora, Bankya, Banya, Haskovski Mineralni Bani, Narechen, Hissarya etc.  They all profile in different focus of treatement, depending of the specifics of the hot spring mineral content.
All these places have new SPA hotels, that offer the same services but to a much higher price and quality of course.

Hi Kristiann,I  mean the cheap ,public outdoor indoor thermal pools which are government run,not hotels. Sorry, I should have been much more specific. Thanks for the info ,much appreciated!
Best wishes!Oh also are they mixed and clothing optional too?

Most of the ones I go to in the Plovdiv area (hissar, pesnopoi, banya) are all separate for males/females (although pesnopoi has an individual room that you can rent out as a family). They are bathing suit optional, but most people (at least in the female side of things) go without a bathing suit. After all, we are there to bathe ;)

I haven't found any around VT yet- if you come across something, let me know.

Thanks,yes ideally I prefer bathing without any clothes ,I certainly will let you know if there are any in the VT area,thanks so much for your reply!

I think it's National Nude gardening day soon ,so will definitely do that too,just another excuse to sunbathe and feel liberated! :)

About mud baths.  There is one on the edge of a lake.  It is between Varna and Balchik...close to Balchik called Tuzlata.

The lake is divided in half.  One side male, the other female.  Clothing optional.  Has entrance fee and changing rooms, ablution blocks, a sandy area and benches for drying in the sun.

Hi Luna,please can you tell me where in Bulgaria this is please?

Read above post...near Balchik, travelling from Varna.  South East Coast of Bulgaria.

In Bulgarian type  Тузлата Кални Баня

Thanks so much!!

Thanks everyone who replied,I fould an area for natural bathing in BG,thankyou😀😁

Where'd you find?

A secret place thanks

This is something I don't understand about online communities... they, "Hey, share your places with me, but when I find something good I'll keep it all to myself."

I was only joking,you helped me a lot.A good place I go bare is Klimentovo hot springs ,cheers,keep in touch!

Thankyou Emintal,oh don't mention it😁😁😀😊

The bare  baths were amazing,such fun and so relaxing😁😀,being free and enjoying skinnydipping☺

:)  :D  :top:  :cool:

thanks for the great info. i'm now climbing in vratsa and would like to know if there might be any natural, free of charge, hot springs near varshets. thanks for the help!

Hello Aviad,I am not too sure about this location.I have dome near me,which means I can bathe bare all day which is do relaxing,but a long way from you!😁😀😊

Hello,does anyone know of some good public hot springs in the Dobrich area,preferably  NATURAL ones?Thankyou☺

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