Attestation Of ACCA for applying family visa for KSA

I am ACCA affiliate from Pakistan and now a days living in Makkah,Saudi Arabia. I want to change my profession for applying permenant visa for my family.
When i started to gather information i came to know that ACCA will be attested from UK as it is UK based certification,which make sense ofcourse. After checking Saudi Culture Buerue Uk website they stated clearly that application with distant learning will be rejected and as ACCA is simillar accounting program. For this all situation i contacted many agents in uk like gulf visa and many others. Some of them said they dont attest some said they do.
I have not forwarded my certification to any one, not to saudi culture nor to any agent because i am totally confused about all procedure.
I have been awarded with Advance Diploma in Accounting and Bussiness as well as with professional certificate.
My quries are:
1) Saudi culture uk attest ACCA or not?
2) If yes, then which certificate is more appropriate to be attested from above mentioned certifications?
3)one agent told me that no need to attest from saudi culture as saudi embassy attest it even not attested from saudi culture. Is this true?
4) if it is true MOFA accept it or not?

Umair Ahmad


I am having the similar issue. Through my research Ive found that Saudi Culture will not attest the ACCA membershio certificate but the embassy will directly attest it. I am using Gulfvisa and Ive been told to use my membership certificate for this reason. If you can wait for a month I will be able to tell you the result of doing so.

Yes offcourse i can wait. But i dont have membership of ACCA. I am just ACCA affiliate.
I have also mailed to, they told me exactly the same that saudi embassy will attest it even saudi culture dont do it.


Did u done with all that process? Got your membership attested from saudi embassy,uk? Did MOFA accepted it?
Kindly update me


Dear Fahad,

Can you tell what happened with your membership certificate attestation? did it go well?
were you able to change profession and bring your family?


Were you able to transfer sponsorship?

What have you done, is your certificate attested? I also want to send my advanced diploma for attestation.


Sorry for the late reply. Just to tell you that It got attested by Saudi Embassy UK directly and mofa UK as well. I even got family visa based on this.


Can you please tell me, how did you get it? Did you changed your profession?

Or initially you got iqama stamped from pakistan with these attested degrees?


I also attested my acca membership from saudi embassy uk and MOFA also attest that one but Istiqdam office in riyadh is not accepting this, saying that this is not a degree.

If some one having solution please let me know.

@mujtaba.. very sad

This is why some ppl in my circle are telling me, this is a fluke and judgmental thing.

If you are lucky you may get it, because with this also there is chance which may pass or fail.

Dear Fahad,

How did you manage to get family visa based on ACCA membership?

which certificate you got attested ? ACCA or Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business????

I presented my acca membership cert. (attested by saudi embassy uk and no saudi culture) to istiqdam dammam and they isuued me the fam visa.

Salam Brother,

I have also applied but they rejected, from which city did u applied from


Hi Brothers,

I'm currently based in Jeddah and very soon will get my Iqama application started via SAED.

I'm also an ACCA affiliate, the same with brother Raja Umair here.

Based on the above trailing email - it looks to me that there's no official guidelines for our case. It's more of a luck whether we will get our ACCA cert attested or not.

As an additional info - I've completed my ACCA studies in one of the local universities back in Malaysia (being an approved tuition provider of ACCA). Apart from the usual ACCA certificates issued by ACCA, I also hold a university cert from that university certifying that I've finished my ACCA studies there.

I've asked around that in ACCA case, and it makes sense that attestation should be made on the ACCA cert from UK rather than my local university cert.

bro can u tell all the expenses which will be incurred in the whole process and how many days it took u...

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