long term car rental vs buying in Marrakech

Hi everybody, I will be arriving in Marrakech around the first two weeks of May, planning to stay a couple of years, and need advice whether a car would be indispensable to live there.
I was checking the website of the most famous company (hertz, europcar etc) and it seems that i will need around 5-8000dhs a months for renting a small car, which does not seem great value for me comparing to the cost i will have to pay to buy an used one.
Also, a future colleague of mine "rented" a 6-7 years old Clio from a local, paying him 3500dhs a month inclusive of annual check and insurance, but I do not much if this is legal in Morocco. Any advice would be very appreciated, thank you.


I can get you a great deal on car hire.

If you're alone or a couple with no more than one child, I really don't think you need a car in Marrakesh. There are a zillion petits taxis that will take you wherever you want to go at a low rate (just be sure that the driver uses his meter). Most trips around town will cost between 10-20 dh ($1-2 US). City buses are available, too, but are often crowded and slow, so taxis are preferable. To travel outside of the city, there are grands taxis, as well as very good train and bus service. Trains and buses are inexpensive. For example, you can travel by air-conditioned bus from Marrakesh to Agadir for 110 dh ($11). 

Petits taxis have a passenger limit of three people, so if you're a family of more than three, you'd more likely need a car.

Cars are expensive -- purchase price, insurance, maintenance, taxes, inspections -- so you'll save a lot of money using taxis. Also, in a taxi, you'll usually get a language lesson included in each trip. Taxi drivers are almost always great conversationalists.

At least go with taxis and public transportation for the first few months. Then, if you must have a car, you will have had a chance to get familiar with the market.

Hello if you are looking to stay in Morocco for years you will have to apply for a residence permit (carte de sejour). Also UK driving licence only valid for 3 months after arrival  after whicb you will need to take a Moroccan driving test if you want to drive. The theory part of the test is answering multi-choice questions in French or Arabe. Pass mark is 95 percent. If you have a French license permis de conduit you can get a Moroccan licence without taking a test. Best thing about a hire car is you only pay for fuel everything else the hire company takes care of  I never use the 'Blue Taxi's'
the standard of driving is very poor as the owner/driver has to get to the destinations as soon as possible to pick up another fare which means he drives far too fast and reckless. Road safety in Morocco is a big problem.
Best of luck.

Thank you Guys!

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