Women be Careful who you meet in Dubai

i dont know what you People mean when you say BAD and GOOD. there is nothing such. its apart of the Circle of Life. where one meets another.

and dont act like you dont expect whats coming to you. unless you Dumb. rest, its just sad for SOME. and happiness for MANY ...

soo keep it to YOURSELVES !! dont make an issue.

Jarhead, I don't disagree with you completely has there are always some black seeps among a crowed we might have some black sheeps here in this forum as well. However bad people can be found even on big social network websites like Facebook, who stalk, bully and even threat people and not to mansion even allure people into something for their on selfish motives. It doesn't mean that we stop using these amazing and informative social interaction forum and website. We can never undermine the importance of such forums and how they contribute in the exchange the information and solving problems.

Its oppurtunities based acts regardless of country/race/nationality/religion. Be smart next time as I cant imagine how you can give such oppurtunity to Mr. Onliners whom you know just in the air...

Melwin15 :

i dont know what you People mean when you say BAD and GOOD. there is nothing such. its apart of the Circle of Life. where one meets another.

and dont act like you dont expect whats coming to you. unless you Dumb. rest, its just sad for SOME. and happiness for MANY ...

soo keep it to YOURSELVES !! dont make an issue.

Bravo... Well said

@ice_lemon_tea80: i think that does not really matter. Every bracket of society has its area. I have been in this beautiful country for 12 years.
HE WHO DOES NOT LIKE IT CAN RETURN TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM IMMEDIATELY! THEY ARE INSULTING EVERYONE WHO HAS DECIDED TO LIVE HERE. Surely they claim to have come from a better place... but why did they leave their country in the first place is a mystery.

karimr :

@ice_lemon_tea80:leave their country in the first place is a mystery.

Money and in the process compromise our beliefs and moral conviction.

KalM :
karimr :

@ice_lemon_tea80:leave their country in the first place is a mystery.

Money and in the process compromise our beliefs and moral conviction.

And that is the issue "compromise".
We have a saying in this region that "when you drink from a well, do not throw stones in it".
My advice to all on this thread is: compromise, or move on to a country you are comfortable living in. But while you are here, appreciate what is unique about this country - stability, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, tax free, high level or service... the list is long.

I will greatly appreciated your advice here. I met a man online a few years ago. He seems nice. He said he cant come to see me in Vancouver for work reasons so he invited me to Dubai. He works in Saudi. He is English. He bought the ticket for me to go to meet him soon. I have 2 kids and I live a peaceful life in Canada. Divorce and not bad looking I may add. People are scaring me because the say it id very unsafe to meet a man in Dubai. We talk on skype. he sent documents like ID,s passport ect but I am really concern now. Is it common for women to be kidnapped in Dubai? Thank you

Safety-wise, I wouldn't be concerned if I was you. Dubai is quite safe actually.

I mean, there is a good possibility he might propose something other than work, but I wouldn't for a minute think that he would kidnap you lol

lol all the guys trying to look decent and nice all of you that wrote that am sure you do this stuff cause your always there checking and checking and hunting :D

there is no such thing in dubai!!! its safer then Canada. so dont be scared. women have rights here more then men. one call to police and the guy gets in shit if it true you know what i mean!!!

Hello mada
allis not like that if not understand people and met then sey like that .
if u want u ment for accompany with me i have family here if u want expend some time with me o0r with family its ok reply to me 

Hey mimo75.

You kind of pi**ed me o**. I did not even mean that proposing something other than work would be indecent. I just felt from the circumstances that there might be some interest, which is not wrong by any measure.

It is not wrong to show and receive interest. Faking interest in order to get someone in bed which is what the word "hunting" describes is wrong though. I know many guys do it but I am proudly not one of them.

The thing is, if you can get laid by showing genuine interest to someone that you genuinely like then why get laid with someone you don't even like and have to fake interest with.

I think this is a result of mistakingly imposing your masculine attraction criteria to ladies, you might think that you have more chances with the less attractive ones, but that is often not the case. They are all people, they are all work, and it is always better to work for someone that you really and actually want ;-)

Hi katrinzj, i cant reply, your mail box is full.

I really support the actual cause of the women being careful. I applaud the the ones who really don't need forums or advice's in order to keep themselves safe. Self preservation is the best practice moreover there's a very thin line between decent men and desperados. Any man who knows how to keep his wee wee in his pants and win a girl's heart in a gentle way is 'the man'. Conclusion......


It is true that these things do not happen in Dubai only. I must confess that i assumed Dubai was a whole lot safer than this.

I am in the US but have been to the UAE several times but as airline employee and a woman we undergo extensive security training.  I have never had any problems but know people who have.  When I am deployed on TDY I register with the US State Department and let them know where I will be staying that way if there is an in country issue I get real-time country specific updates and alerts.
I avoid going out alone at night.  I dress modestly.  I never get into the front seat of a cab. I reach out to members of my Church and try to connect with other ex-pats from work and church 1st. I don't give men my phone number and different e-mail accounts for close friends vs new   I only meet new people in public places during the day.  I do my best to avoid going out alone period.  There are local ex-pat women's common interest clubs and even sports clubs that are co-ed.  I know that many men desire marrying an American because they want a green card and sadly this happened 2 my dear friend.  His intentions were only the green card and he was considerate and kind while dating did not make sexual advances before marriage etc..but the ink was barely dry on the green card when he became abusive (not physically she would have had him arrested). Complained once they got 2 the US that she should get a second job so that he could have more time to surf etc.  He refused to get a job in the US until after she divorced him.  Now he has a great job because he wants to bring his sister and her husband & children here.  It's so sad 4 her.  Ladies be smart bad things can happen anywhere! The UAE is a delightful place and is very safe if u are smart.  Also the US State Department has a page of common internet scams to beware of on their web portal read it!  i have never been harassed and have met wonderful people in the UAE and many other places.  The UAE is no less safe than other places it is just familiar than our home country wherever that may be.  I am a bit older and wiser now but had faced similar challenges during my first overseas assignment to Japan.

hi just my simple and honest opinion to all women , dont get too careless ,if you meet someone here , meet them in a mall and not ride on their cars ,pretty simple thinking . how about just going for coffee and discussions ? mostly if you meet them alone and you will ride in their cars , then i guess the person is presuming that it is okay .


I just dont want to play blame game but it's sad to read nationality blame. I was going through a website where they mentioned crime rates in all the globe. so see what is ratio in US
Saint Louis, MO, United States    Crime Rate 78.13 Safety rate    21.87

This is the site for reference


It's happening everywhere even civilized society so better to avoid blame game and not to put all fingers in one hole



HEY! YASMIN, including my city as one of dangerous city in the world??? really???  why not include your country malaysia? u know how many filipino christians even filipino muslims you slaughtered in your country in this modern, civilized times? people are talking about being fair to all nationalities here and yet someone like u wouldn't stop. new york is far more safer than your country.:|

creepy people could be found every where. just be careful of
the ones that insists really bad on meeting u , keep asking for
ur picture and number, over flirting ( ESP in their first messages).
alway always always trust ir instinct about some one new :)

I have come across this post by accident. I have to agree to a certain extent.
It's hard living as a single woman here.

I'm going to Dubai in November alone, but  who post scared me

yes true
really difficult to be live alone

Hello all,

Well, in the first place EXPAT-BLOG IS NOT A DATING SITE, so you shouldn't be using it to meet people and make personal relationships anyway. There are plenty of websites all over the world for that purpose. This is just not one of them.

That said, it amazes me just how many people throw all caution to the wind when it comes to their online activities, social networks and the amount of sensitive personal information the put out on the internet (all of which remains out there FOREVER once you post it). If you don't believe me on this point then try this simple experiment... Type your complete name into GOOGLE, and see exactly what comes back. In most cases it will scare you stiff.

Face-to-face meetings with people you only know online is highly risky business whether it's in the UAE or in the USA. If truth be known it's probably riskier in the USA, but that's a whole other story! Why then do so many people simply not use their head when it comes to the internet?

Things to consider about your online habits

You should NEVER post any private / personal / identifying information anywhere on the internet; especially not in any of the social networks. That is an open invitation for trouble - identity theft, scams, sexual harassment, becoming the victim of crime, etc. This means never post in public things like your complete name, telephone number (not even cellular phone number), e-mail address, residential address or even the neighborhood where you live, name of your workplace/school, accounts on other social media, etc. There are thousands of people out there that are going to use that kind of information for illicit purposes. This is the kind of information that you should only share in our private message system; and then ONLY with people you've gotten to know through forum postings and PMs over a prolonged period of time. Even then you should exercise extreme caution regarding exactly who you share this information with.

Understand that the anonymity of the internet means that the people you are talking to are not always what they seem to be, not who or what they say they are!!! If you simply accept on blind faith everything that somebody tells you online then the internet is not the place for you. You aren't mature enough or responsible enough to use it safely. Stay away - for your own safety. There are people out there who have numerous online alter-egos in order to victimize people in one way or another. You can't simply trust anybody.

Face-to-face meetings with online acquaintances, you will notice that I use the word "acquaintances", that's because nobody is your "friend" until you have met them in person, know who they really are and then decide to make them a friend. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise, no matter how bored, lonely or homesick you may be in your host country. So, some rules to follow when arranging face-to-face meetings:

1. For obvious reasons of personal security first meetings should ALWAYS take place in a public place where there are lots of people around. (Shopping malls, coffee shops, public parks, recreation centers, etc.)

2.  You should ALWAYS be the one to choose the location for the meeting, and you should not give too much advanced notice of where that will be. Again safety is the major concern, you don't want to give somebody a lot of time to set anything up if they're plotting something. Example: Your online acquaintance suggest a meeting, you agree and arrange a suitable time, but tell the person you have a very hectic schedule so you'll have to get back to them and confirm the location that YOU choose for the meeting a few hours before it is supposed to take place. If they object to this in any way then just don't meet them at all, you're far better off not risking it. NO EXCEPTIONS

3.  NEVER meet anyone unless you've told someone reliable and trustworthy, where, when and who you are meeting, what time they should expect you to return; and then check back in with them when you actually do return. Better still if you can arrange that first meeting to take place in the company of somebody you know and trust.

4.  First meetings should never take place at a restaurant or bar (anything that might be construed as a date) and ALWAY pay your own way, don't let the other person offer to pay for anything. That in their mind obligates you to something. Never drink anything that they offer you on a first meeting NEVER. If you are in a coffee shop, food court in the mall, etc., never leave YOUR food or beverage out of your sight for one moment. If you have done so, then throw it out; don't consume any more of it since you have know way of knowing that it has not been tampered with.

5.  No matter how well the first meeting has gone, or even the first several meetings, NEVER get into the person's vehicle or put yourself in a position of isolation with only that person. That may be the last thing you ever do in this life.

6.  Evaluate your choice of friends over a prolonged period of time, months - not just days!!! People can put on a false front only for so long. Be alert for any changes in behavior, habits, and any contradictions in what and who they say they are.

It's no sin to be lonely, bored or have nothing to do!!! Don't let yourself become so desperate for a friendship or relationship that you risk your personal safety. That's the bottom line!

Expat-blog Experts Team

People and human all around the world are same, carving a bracket for some nationalities isnt correct.. simple basic rule which was taught by our parents.. and has been followed since years and years... ... dont meet stangers....

UAE is the country of law.  People are very careful to abide law. And most of the places under video security survellenc. Therefore its quite safe. Of course some people are not good. Best way is,  to try to have some proof of the person's earlier track record. i.e. is he did or does some respectable job or biz. Respectable and dignified person never get involved in deeds which can put him long time jail, specially in UAE, Where rearly some one escaped after it is informed to police. This type of harrasmemt UAE government takes  very seriously.

So, your comments that male person using internet are mostly bad is not correct, you should modify your comments. What happened may be due to your ignorance.

I am not in Dubai yet. Got a job offer there and am waiting to confirm and move there,. But I noticed 'certain' guys trying to be my 'friend' when I am there. Well for one I am not an idiot. And I really don't have time for all this nonsense. I just want to enjoy my work and career. But as you say, there are many bad characters on this site who have bad intentions. Not all, but many.Thank you for highlighting this issue. Its very disappointing to get these kind of guys chatting gentlemanly at the beginning and behaving like assholes (pardon my language) at the end! I hope they understand this site is to assist expats and not about getting hitched!

I guess its a natural instinct that men get attracted to women...and what i could see about Dubai is its a respectful place for women.. Women have been given freedom for driving, starting their own business, working individual , and if you have any problem with someone and if you have valid proofs, you can approach the police who have been given Scotland yard training. Noone runs away from them i believe.
Prema, i guess you are not too young too to be tricked. Think logically, know how to create friendship, be a good listener not a reactor, enjoy your career,  Noone can do anything unless and until you allow. Both men and women can be good and bad..view life in its purest form.make life simple...

I am not in Dubai and never been there before but I guess everywhere in this world life is getting harder day by day..Moving to another country you have to be strong and be careful and cautious with every step you take.  :kiss:

Well, Not all but most women or girls specially, the way the dress is very provocative ( is like come and get me !!! ).
They are showing too much breast , very tight clothing ( she has no respect to her self )so dont blame the guy if they want to enjoying
' it ". I know is not right to rape other people and i know its wrong but the women needs to prevent it by wearing a proper clothes.

Thank you

I could be wrong

i am scared about meeting women online in dubai, bcoz i heard they meet up and then call police or blackmail saying you molested her. or pay her money.   :(

Is Dubai as wonderful as it looks and I have been told or just dangerous and not a good place for women to travel without men? Is it difficult to make friends that are trustworthy in Dubai.  What are the beach  rules for women as far as clothing,  Is the dating good - or bad..Are American women  welcomed and liked as well as any other foreigners?
What kind if dancing/nite club life?

really sorry to hear , but that's not manly job , because i am accustomed to meet people from around the world , spending time together in atmosphere of happiness and peace and take many photos for memories , because who think or looking about stuff like that , he is just an asshole , finally request the apologies to all the woman that got harassment.

I am new here and look forward to meet new people. But after seeing this I think its better to pull off my account from this website completely.

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