help needed to braid a black lady's hair

Hi guys,
do you know someone that can braid a black lady's (friend of mine)hair? please send me a message.
Thank you

Hi Gamze, :)

I hope you will find someone here to braid your friend's hair.

Good luck

thank you Christine,i hope i ll :)

Hi gamze,i hope its not too late just came to istanbul my name ıs meggi i think i can braid your frıends hair my emaıl is mnyangigi at yahoo .com.

regards meggı

hi there i can braid im african and also black so if ur friend still needs to be braided email me at terrynus[at] and please ask your friend if she can braid too because i have been searching for some1 to do that 4 me too i my own hair extensions

thnx waiting to hear from you

Nice to hear that someone is in need of hair braiding,

I am a owner of a afro hair broduct saloon also holestic therapist.
I am think to move to Istanbul to join my male partner., quite soon, also thinking of continueing my work doing hair braiding, different type of hair extension for both black and white. also to sell hair and body products., I just dont know if ther will be enough clients for such offers,my question is there a large amount of afro american that need such service in Istanbul?., I will be in Istanbul in 14 days time to check on that demands.

regards Lynette

hii jennifer
please come as soon as possible i can be ur 1st client .well imnot sure about how high the demand is but i have met a lot of ppl in different blogs all looking for the same thing i have been in istanbul since feb ths yr and searchn always and no luck and please wen u come bring me hair relaxer preferably dark and lovely and some hair foods too if u need these i advise u bring for urself too coz you will not get any here

waitn to hear frm you

I do understand the problem., I am the first and only person that
have a business here in Iceland selling those products.It all depend on the demand, if there are enough people in a country to open such shop.I am a business woman for years, so iI always check out the business view before moving to another country.

I will keep you on my files on your request.


need someone to braid my hair in Antalya. talkwitme121[at] pls add me if u can make braids very well and fine .:)

i was about to suggest Jennifer  but she already saw it :)

yes . i have someone in Antalya that can make braid but always busy with school and work. i need some in Antalya. pls if u are sure u can make it so well.

Hi. Im living in Izmir and I would love to get my hair braided. I'm African American. Are you still available to braid?

Hi. My name is Vanessa. I need to get my hair braided if you are available. I am african american living in Izmir Turkey. If you are available my number is 0 534 213 68 66

sorry dear istanbul available

Hello, I am looking to find a person or salon in Istanbul that can braid or style textured hair. And also where if possible I can find hair products for black textured hair.

Thank you!

Hello everyone.
I have a friend in Istanbul and she braid, weave and type of hair
she is from Ghana but live here for 3 years now.
she is my styler and when I was pregnant she braid my hair cornrow my hair
and after ı gave birth she weave my hair.
she is good + she sell afro products ( cream, relaxer, weave, extensions)
if interested send me an inbox
Happy new year

Hi Mos,

Could you link me up with your hair dresser,i would like to weave my hair since i will be travelling to Istanbul this weekend i can get it done if am able to book an appointment.I sent you inbox already so you can share with me her contacts,thank you very much.

Looking forward to your feedback. :)

Hi! I was wondering if you could share the contact information with me for the lady that braids and does extentions I. Istanbul. I will in box you as well.

thanks for the information.

Hi Ladies,

just moved to Istanbul and am worried about hairdressing :))).....

Has anyone been in touch with the Ghanian lady that fixes weaves and does relaxing, please share her contact details. Also it would be great to meet other black ladies around leaving on the asian side though but would not mind coming to the European side on weekends.

Am a Kenyan female, lived in Dubai for 7years and now moved here for love :))!
Whats your story? lets connect

Would be great to hear from you


most of the people who inbox me got her number and i did not hear any complain.
So i trust my girl and know she good.
if you still in need send me a message.
take care

awwwwww so you've moved here for love... wowwwww that sounds great woohoooo so happy for you guys... sighhhhh I just wish the same for me, too. I'd move anywhere for love. Love is awesome! Blessings...

Hi ladies
If you need any disigner of braids or weaves just contact me with this email marybosolo[at]
I'm in Antalya

Yes I can do all u want  but I'm in Antalya

Thank God for the Internet!  :)

I have some Senegalese twists in and I have been really worried about getting them done again. I have only been here two weeks and have not found a single store or salon. Anyone with info please pass it along!

Hi guy I urgently need someone to braid my hair am in istanbul pls contact me if there is anyone who can 545341894 or email vera-elfida[at] pls

I can but I'm in Antalya

Hello sir!
I don't understand you please

I recommend calling 0534 351 8467. Ask for Neneh. Very professional, speaks perfect English and will not give the run around like I experienced with the Africans. Also she is centrally located in Taksim and does not mind traveling to you. So convenient. It is a relief after all these months to get my hair done DRAMA FREE!

Current as of July 2014.

Thanks the info was helping

to reply to the comment above. my girl is good in doing hairstyles and selling products. but i guess some people expect the world to stop for them.
if you are really sure you need your hair done then call the number i gave you. I just came back to istanbul and she mentioned you.
Please dont make me laugh getting braid by a turkish man.
Corn row yes anytime near beya

by the way been here 3 years so i Know what i am talking about.

I never said anything negative about your friend, no need to get defensive. I simply said I did not get in touch the second time I tried her phone.

I don't know if English is your first language, don't understand what you mean by beya (?)  :/

Keep in mind we are all trying to help each other, I think my post was the only one in the whole thread that actually gave concrete information. Addresses, phone numbers, etc. Istanbul is a city of 14 million, I think it's quite strange to have only one person that can do my hair. And to think you've been here 3 years and yet I was able to find the above information in a month.

Have a nice day!

oh please!
Yes English is my 1st language.
it was a typing mistake  i meant Beyazit
You are a very smart lady right?!
but i am not the one looking for an hairdresser.
the question on here was to help someone get their hair done.
I replied that was all. girls contacted my friend and got it done.
but you are getting personal with your comment.
I dont need to correct you but you should check your info on population.

Hi, I am looking for someone to braid my hair. How much does she charge to braid hair? I would like small braids.

May I have the lady contact information please.

sorry love but my hairdresser is gone on holiday until September.
You may try the african salon that the other girl mention.
In regard of prices i will not know but its run by african people so you can always negotiate.
I went there and they are nice people.
otherwise if you still here in september my girl will do your hair no problem whatsoever.
take care for the meantime

I have a number I can give you will message you privately.

:D I am so happy that I have come across this forum. I just arrived 2 days ago. I live in Etiler, Istanbul. May someone PLEASE send me a link to these hairdressers / friend of a friend's email ? I'd like to have Poetic Justice /Solange Inspired Braids ! It's too humid for my afro, my luggage is missing, so all of my products are gone  O.o

Thank you


Update, salon/location in Kadikoy.

Email is turkeybraids[at], phone number as in my post above.

so you went to the African salon?
Did you actually got your hair done?
what happened?

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