How to make friends in New Caledonia

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in New Caledonia :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in New Caledonia??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Yes, I would like to know about the different associations offered in Noumea. My partner and I (28yrs and 24yrs) are moving to Noumea in April and we would like to join some social clubs to make friends fast. Does anyone have some info?

Oui, moi je voudrais savoir quelles sont les associations différentes à Nouméa. Mon conjoint et moi (28ans et 24ans) y déménageons au mois d'avril et nous aimerions faire partie de quelques associations sociales afin de nous faire vite des amis. Quelqu'un a une bonne piste?

Hi take a look at this site.


advantra1 wrote:

Hi take a look at this site.cheers

This is very old, the New Caledonia Newcomers Guide 2007 by Jo-Ann Gagnon is much better. 


Hi Jo-Ann
Do you have a link to the updated newcomer's guide? The link provided in the "Sojourn in the South Pacific" blog doesn't seem to work!


Oh, you are coming from Ottawa!  I come from Manitoulin Island.  You may contact me directly at [email protected]

Hello Jo-Ann
I believe that I met you a few month back, just before xmas at a market on Mount-Dore (I was pregnant and had come here with my BF which was from here, on a non working visa,) you were carrying litchis and had your daughter with you. You gave me your number and told me to call and check out the expat manual which you had wrote..I didn't call because I was too shy...and when I finally worked up the courage I had misplaced the number...grrr I hate it when I do that. I did however check out the manual..great stuff!
Anyhow here I am contacting you now...Well I hope It's you...You had told me that a bunch of Canadians get together from time to time to discuss (at l'Anse Vata), I think)...I would be very interested in participating in such an do I go about it? Also if there a Mommy group of some sort I would love to get info on that as well....
Thanks for taking the time and reading this email especially if you are not the person I believe you
take care


There is an english club in Noumea which meets regularly. If anyone needs any info on it just let me know. I am an aussie and have been living in Noumea for about a year.


Hi Wattee,
I'm also an Aussie living in Noumea. I'll probably meet you at the next English club event (Halloween canoeing)?


Hey Wattee,
Would love some info on the english club!!

I Would love to have info about the british club in New Caledonia.



Hello guys im new here in I would like to meet new friends here in New Caledonia. Im living here in Koutio, Near Koutio college. any filipno here?