Moving to New Caledonia

My fiance and I will be moving from South Africa to New Caledonia later this year.  Can anyone help with a cost of living list?  We have no idea what goods, food, motor vehicles etc cost there.  Also if anyone can tell us what we should be bring with us in the form of household goods etc.

Life in NC is incredibly expensive and it is quite complicated to get work permits.

Can you you speak French? (I've got a couple of interesting links in french)

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately we do not speak French (but I am sure we will be learning quickly once we arrive there).  The company that my fiance works for is organising all the work permits etc and these are all being done at the moment.  He is being transferred to work there on a contract and that is why we were interested to find out cost of living etc and what we should bring with us.  I have been searching the internet but there does not seem to be  a lot of information.  Do you know the cost of apartment rentals etc??  Plus we might be based in Kone and know very little about that area - any information you can give me would be of great help.

There are quite a lot of contributors in the french NC section, I have posted a message and asked if somebody living in NC could help you.

I hope you'll receive responses to your questions :)

hey my english is not so good but y try to help you

the cost for an apartement 3 rooms is around 1 000 EURO
for food per week 2 people is near 200 euros

it's really expensive  and you need to learn french beacause we are not good "english speakers"
if you need help i will try as i can.
if you come in jun july or august you'll need sweat shirts because its cold near 15° C

have a good day

if you want make your request in the french section there is so many people and some of them speak english!

Thanks very much for the information - it will has been very helpful.

I think that we will be living near or in Kone - are rentals for accommodation the same as the capital?  Do you know anything about that area?

We will definitely be learning to speak some french before we arrive there!


Hi Linette,

Pichou, my wife, who is on the French NC forum, asked me to contribute a bit to welcome you in New Caledonia.

I think your friend will work on the Xtrata Koniambo mining project.

The mine and the plant are 10 km north of Kone, which is a small administrative town, a 3 hours drive North of Nouméa (good road).

Most of the senior workers there are English speaking, so you will not have any problem for your social life. Don't worry, in the shops in Koné or Nouméa, your Visa card will greatly help you to be understood.

Ask your friend to know if is company is not in charge of finding a house for him. If not it will not be easy and it will be expensive. But the expat clan will help you. Some of the houses are furnished, so don't worry about it, and you will find any think (at heavy prices) in Nouméa or Koné. Ask if you can buy your household goods free tax when coming.

For 2 people, you need about US$ 2000 a month for the house and US$ 1500 for food. Touring in NC is expensive (hotel, restaurant, etc.).

Climate is nice (we are on the tropic line). Koné is hot in summer (35°C), and not cold in winter (15°C during the night). The rainy season is short (december to march), and there is from time to time a hurricane, but people, houses and roads are used to that.

Hoping in will help. Feel free to ask more.


If I made mistakes in spelling, Linette dear,
Remember it's the pen that's bad,
Don't lay the blame on me !

Have a look at ;


Thank you so much for your reply to my posting.  The information you have given me is of great help.

My fiance will be working on the Koniambo mining project. His employer is also helping to find accommodation so I am hoping we will not battle to find somewhere to live.  The climate is very similar to where we live except for the hurricanes!

I am sure I will have more questions to ask if you dont mind.  We expect to move there towards the end of the year.

And there is no problem with your spelling... it is good!


how is the working life in new caledonia

harrybad wrote:

how is the working life in new caledonia

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