Number of English speaking expats in New Caledonia?

Hi all,
I would like to know if any one is having a idea of how many English speaking expats are living in New Caledonia ? or to whom I could ask that tricky question ?
Thanks a lot for your response
Looking forward to hear from you soon

Hello tif_nell

To give you the number exactly would be a bit difficult.

But as for, there are a lot of members registered on the New Caledonia network.

To be able to see all the nationalities please click on 'Network' , on our overhead green banner, and browse through that section :top:


I've got an answer from the statistic institute and i'm very thankfull but i'm still looking to have some accurate numbers on this year 2015. I'm pretty sure a lot of expats lives here.
If you have any idea just send me a message.
Thanks to all

The Australian consulate might have an idea, they also look after Canadians.  The NZ consulate as well.  The haussariat cannot give that type of information out.   Lots of Caledonians have lived in Australia and NZ and speak good English.

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