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Hi all,

If I check Ep application status online often, will that affect my approval process?

Certainly not as there is nothing wrong to check about your application status. But, don't check every day rather check twice or thrice in a week.

Thank you, Surya 2k.

Hi surya

I wanna ask that my e pass is showing as approved online but my employer is silent and has not contacted me yet...is it that they are waiting for IPA letter ....also pls let me know does issuance of IPA letter takes time...or the employer has changed his mind....pls help

Tashu, your IPA must have issued by now (though you did not tell us how long it shows as approved but looking at your anxiety, you must be checking on a regular basis) but it could be delayed as today its holiday here (last week too had one holiday) and your employer might not have received it. Issuing IPA letter is the first stage at MoM after approval of an applicant's application. It should reach within few days of time, normally does not take more than 5 working days with maximum validity of 6 months to claim your EP.

Second part of your question, you should communicate with the employer stating that you had checked about your EP application and current status shows that it has approved. Kindly update me once you have received IPA letter. Wait for their response.

I don't think employer would cancel your EP as in first place MoM will ask its rationale then it will give a bad name in MoM record. Good luck.

Hi... thnx for the response... Its been 3 days that I have checked and it is showing as approved.. May be it got approved before... how to check the date of approval of EP..I had asked the employer on monday about the status and was informed that it is still pending... Later on I checked it in the evening and it was approved..Why is it on hold with the employer.. Also I may inform that my application was processed on the same date with another colleague.. He has got the approval and is flying today.. My mine is stucked up??

Wait another few days and then ask your employer. They should have received the IPA by then.

Hi, just want to have some question in mind.. once my agent key in my application for e pass today. How long it will reflect my name at MOM online inquiry ? I'm just wondering it shows no record when I tried to check online today also.

Best luck!

Hi there guys, it's nice to read an informative forum like this regarding Singapore pass. Actually me and my cousin just apply to an agency in Singapore and luckily we get hired by the potential employer. We were ask to exit here in Malaysia for them to key in our E pass to MoM...we just did. They say that they will key in us today in the MoM but upon checking with them, they say that the immigration has just cleared us today. Thus, we need to wait. Do we have way to check online if we already been key in? Hope to hear positive response. Thanks!

Ms_adhel wait at least a day or two, don't be so impatient.

ImShelo: if you have FIN then can check using below link

https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLE … yAction.do

Good luck you both.

HI Surya

I have nt still got anything to hear from my employer. Upon asking them, they are saying that they have not received the IPA letter from MOM though EP shows approved online. They say this is how the process is like...I am really confused... EP got approved on 8th May...pls reply

Hi Tashu,

May I ask if how are u able to check ur status online? Did u have ur FIN?


Hi Adhel

you can check the status online through your passport number

Hi TAshu,

Many thanks.🙂

Tashu wrote:

Upon asking them, they are saying that they have not received the IPA letter from MOM though EP shows approved online. EP got approved on 8th May

This is too long, something is wrong!
Your employer should contact MoM and ask for the IPA to be sent again.

Tashu, you should inform the employer that online status shows from 8th May that my EP application was successful. So, it's nearly two weeks now if employer didn't receive IPA, then ask them to follow up with MoM and let's see what MoM says. Secondly, don't worry normally IPA has two months validity. If you are in Singapore, then visit your new employer office and show the print out of the page where it confirms about your EP approval (if they disagree of your EP approval claim). If new employer agrees then you can accompany the representative of the employer and yourself visit MoM office to check with them (first take an appointment before you visit). Good luck.

Hi Surya

Many Thanks..

I may inform you that I am in India only and this is my first job offer in singapore. I have already mailed the screenshot of the online approved status to my employer. But they are saying they have not received the letter yet.. I doubt their intentions now because its been too long.. what to do..

It's difficult to say what is in their mind. But, when an employer decides to hire a foreigner, and subsequently apply work permit then that means they have taken the decision internally to employ you. But, if suddenly they decided not to go further then by right they should withdraw the application or write a letter to MoM that they do not wish to continue this case due to some reason so that MoM and the employee will get a clear picture (if their intention is not to hire you now). Don't give up. Try you luck and same time look for another job in the market. Good luck.

Hi surya

There was a change in my name in the records.
My employer have asked for the document supporting the name change 4 days back stating that they have to submit it to MOM for IPA. I have submitted the same. I fail to understand whey are going so slow in the process. and IPA was on hold for so long after EP is showing as approved online?

Why are they slow, it's difficult for me to answer as they might have other priorities to do during this period. Wait for the IPA letter issued to you and can be seen in the MoM website. Good luck

Thanks surya

Pls advise as to how can I check the IPA letter online..I could not find any option on MOM website other than EP status.

MoM will change EP status once your application is approved and will update when IPA letter is issued.

Hi Surya

EP is approved online...but iPA is not issued yet...will I be intimated if IPA is issued by MOM to employer??

They will be sending IPA letter to the employer in a day or two. You may reach out HR and inform them about the approval status of your EP. Wait a week or so before expecting HR would receive the letter.

But EP is approved online since 8th may... I have been told by HR that IPA is not issued since there was a change in my sir name in records.. they had asked for the supporting paper which I had submitted to employer 10 days back.. I am asking for the update which they are not giving..

You mean since your application applied and its approval, your surname has changed? It's a minor issue if it's due to marriage and can be submitted the proof when it's required (after IPA letter issued if your passport name didn't change).

What could be the reason your employer is not responding to you? Try to reach out them, if they don't want to respond then you won't receive your IPA letter as it must have send to them only and they should provide/inform you. Good luck

My application was applied with my current sir name only, which is on the passport. My sir name got changed after my high school only. I fail to understand that if ep is approved with all those papers I submitted, why IPA is not being issued.

The reason MoM could ask for that there was a mismatch between your 10th certificate and rest of documents. If you have submitted the proof of your name changed after 10th class then there shouldn't not be an issue.

IPA must have issued if going by your claim that your EP was approved in second week of May'17. There could be possibility that either Your employer has changed their stand not to hire a foreigner or decided further to postpone or freeze this opening or they might have found someone locally for that position and don't consider your candidature. Cause it's almost a month now, hard to believe that IPA is not issued by MoM. Tough luck ahead.

Thanks Surya

Hi Tashu,
May I  please know how long it took your application to get approved. Mine is pending since two weeks now. Many thanks in advance.

liz_sara: Don't worry, it can take minimum 1 week to maximum 4 months ( there are some instances). MoM takes each application and review case by case basis. Hence, each application process time varies accordingly. Good luck

HI liz

Mine took 40 days to approve..though I have still not received any formal intimation from the employer that its is approved...but online is showing as approved...

I have asked the status from the Hr, they are saying that they have submitted that name change document to MOM and are waiting... Do you think MOM has put on hold the IPA letter for so long even?? What is the process like after online approval of EP??

Ask the employer to reach out MoM and find out the status, if at worst case MoM didn't release the IPA letter then they would speed up the process to issue IPA letter or else if it lost in mid way then they still can reissue it. But, employer has to reach out MoM without any further delay (if employer is telling the truth that they haven't received the letter). Good luck

We can check EP status from MOM website as the following:
https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLU … yAction.do

EP is showing as approved online...but employer has not received it yet from MOM. Its been more than a month. How can I check IPA status online. Also, what exactly does employer receives from MOM?? EP/ IPA letter?

Hi Surya

Just one thing I am not clear of..Can MOM ask for the evidence of name change document even after EP being approved online?? if EP is showing as approved online, why would they ask for any other document, in that case EP should have been showng "Pending Status". I wonder how come MOM approve it online if they were asking for the name change evidence?

Pls if you have any idea..

Tashu: You are repeating yourself like a broken record. It makes no sense to say the same things over and over again.
Normally these things are managed between MoM and employer. If you doubt what the employer tells you (and I would, too, if it takes that long), you can try to call MoM yourself and ask. Since you submitted your name change document too late, you also bear some of the blame. Why didn't you apply with complete and correct information?
An IPA letter is usually issued a few days after approval and then is valid for a month, after which the EP becomes invalid. If, as I assume, it was issued for you, but either got lost or your employer withholds it, you'd need a new EP application by now.
If your employer did not play fair, it is better you look for another job in Singapore. In any case, don't put your hopes high that this one will still work out.

MoM can withdraw an approval (and in fact even cancel an already issued EP) at any time. If that is the case, you should call MoM and ask.

Beppi thanks for the advise...But that one was sought from Surya..
May be i am repeating myself but I wanted to have an idea of the process.. Its really frustrating to be put on hold by the employer...Upon checking with them, they are not accepting that they have changed their mind but are continously telling me that they are waiting to hear from MOM.... So u should understand the frustration that I am going through instead ofquoting me as Broken record.

Clearly a month is too long for a process that usually takes a few days.
But only your employer can solve the issue, by contacting MoM. You cannot force them to do that, but (as I said) you can (and should) contact MoM yourself to find out whether an IPA was issued, and/or look for another employer.

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