Rent Subsidy

apply for rent subsidy NOW - - fast and professional staff... Let me be clear on this - the maximum threshold for income is €23000 per annum as of Jan 2017 - nb this is single persons allowance OK. Please do not believe previous figures as they were prior to the changes that came into effect on the 1st Jan 2017
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Surprisingly good service and confirmation that €23K is the income threshold. It takes 3 months for searches to be done but payments are backdated.
There is a sliding scale - minimum is I think about €80 per month and maximum €160in rent subsidy benefit

One point to note is that the property you rent will need to be inspected by the housing authority in order to check it is to standard. This may not go down well with the landlord and begs the question are any standards enforced in the private rental market as there is NO regulation. … cation=ufi … ences.aspx

Has anyone actually applied for this recently? - I only know of one person who has and is awaiting the outcome of his application.

This article spells out how difficult it has now become for tenants of all nationalites  in the rental market

The rental market is out of control - Johanna Axisa MacRae
As rental prices skyrocket, Johanna Axisa MacRae, chair of the Malta Tenants’ Association, argues we can no longer ignore the corresponding social realities … LpxCTt97IW

and further supported by this article

Renting in Malta - the struggles of a tenant … 6736169977

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whats your problem  people need to know about this stuff.

Edit your post or something .You're rabbiting on to yourself

clearly not

Toon puts out this information for everyone to read, some people may find it useful others may not,

Its information, if YOU dont think its useful then read it and move on.


DanielDon :

Edit your post or something .You're rabbiting on to yourself

Toon lived here for some 6 years or more and knows what he is talking about, what he posts is of help to many newcomers on this Forum.
As far as I am aware you have been a member for a couple of months so if you have experiences to share I suggest you do so, if you have nothing useful to say then there is not much point in posting!


Thanks you for your support guys = it posted to inform and hopefully assist people not make the usual mistakes that i see every goddamn day and me and my colleagues have to deal with every day..........nothing more

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