Looking for a Romanian Speaking Tourist Guide in Cairo

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There are two Romanian ladies that will visit Cairo March 3rd and 4th and I would like to give them a tour of Cairo but with a Romanian speaking tour guide, since one of them only speaks Romanian.

Does anyone know of a Romanian speaking Tour Guide in Cairo?

Thank You

Hi Mourad,

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I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Cairo section of the website > Tourist guide, so that members may contact you if they know someone or if they want to provide their own services.

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Yes Iam ready to assist her,Ilive in Romania 12 years, Iam a lawyer and translator for romanians in cairo with the Romanian embassy,and I wrote and speak fluently

Hi bvhavna
How u think I can contact morad?

Dear Fady, thank you for your response, but it is a Romanian tour guide I need. I already have someone who can translate English to Romanian (one of the ladies).

U welcome, any time :)


You can contact Ghattour education they might help you .

Hello Mourad,
There is an Egyptian guide with a great experience, speaking Romanian language. His name is Salah, Tel no xxx. Best regards.

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I am also looking for a Romanian speaking guide in Cairo.
Can somebody help me? Thanks.

Best regards.

Hello catalin1,

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This is an old thread dating back to 2017; the chances of receiving responses here are quite dim.

I would rather advise you to post a free advert in this section: Jobs in Cairo > Tourist guide.

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