we need to decide whether we move to port of spain in the next 3 days

we are deciding this week if we move to port of spain or not. we would really appreciate your help regarding the following:
- when they talk about security, are there kidnapping? is it robbery? is it confined to dangerous areas or it can happen anywhere? is it ok going to and back from the airport in taxis? is it ok to take taxis in the street?

- how is the quality of the daycares/schools? we have 2 children, 1 and 3 years old.

- is it easy to find nannies that would stay home at night? I would be most of the time alone with my two kids and when my husband comes I would love to go out

- are doctors ok?

thanks sooooo much!!!

Hello old, we're u able to move to port of Spain without much difficulty as I see am in d same situation with u, I have 2kids and would like to get answers to your questions.. Thanks

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