Speaking Bulgarian in Bulgaria

Hi everyone,

It is widely agreed that speaking Bulgarian is essential for a successful integration in Bulgaria. Do you agree? Share your experience!

Do you speak Bulgarian? If so, where did you learn this language? Where can one attend a language course in Bulgaria?

If not, how do you cope with daily activities? Is it easy to communicate in a different language with Bulgarians?

Thank you for sharing your experience.



I speak pigeon Bulgarian, with the local dialect of my village....works here but not for the rest of Bulgaria! The Bulgarians appriciate that I make the afford to talk to them and with so many Brittish expats my English has improved over the last years.......Nobody speaks Dutch!

Hi everyone, we have been living here for two weeks now and somehow we get along with English, because we have the feeling the Bulgarian people are willing to help and communicate.  We consider it a must, though, to learn the language.  We don´t know exactly how to proceed:  are there classes in town (Stara Zagora) or can someone, eg. a student who wants to earn some money give us lessons?  Any advice welcome.

Mrs Bean, in which surrounding are you living?  Dutch is my mother tongue.

Hi Lezzi,

I live in the village Malomirovo, south Bulgaria, 5 kilometer from the town Elhovo. Good luck with your Bulgarian lessons!

Groetjes Carla

Hello, Dutch is my mother tongue too ^_^ In terms of practicing Bulgarian, I can recommend memrise (dot) com for learning vocabulary. It really helps me with practicing words etc. Especially when combined with some regular lessons as the website also allows you to make your own private course.. I don't know any language school in SZ but it may help if you search the web in Bulgarian:  "български за чужденци стара загора". Funny enough I found that quite a few language schools who do offer Bulgarian language courses do not have English (or other languages) websites. :-) Best of luck

I have some experience in teaching Bulgarian to native English speakers.

Thanks Remedias.  In which part of the country are you living?


  I have been visiting Bulgaria for 11 years and I have been living in Sofia for a couple of months and like everyone else above my experience has been that Bulgarians are super helpful and affectionate if you make a bit of an effort to speak the language. Now and though my Bulgarian is improving I really need some proper lessons. Can anyone recommend some lessons maybe at the Mladost end of the city. I am dyslexic and find learning online tough and think I need a teacher. :D any recommendations would be very very welcome. :D

Matthew now a Mladost man :D

Hi Matthew,

Learning Bulgarian is not difficult, once you pay enough efforts and if you have a good teacher.
And yes, taking online lessons sounds interesting and convenient, but nothing (so far) is able to replace the live contact with your teacher.
Since you're searching for a teacher you can ask ACCENT Language School /Sofia/. They work with many nationalities and organize regualr courses for foreigners. They also have private tuition.

I can PM you their contact details if yuo want.



Hi Kristiann,

Thanks for your response, it would be wonderful if you could share those details with me. I am very keen to get my Bulgarian up to scratch.

Thanks for the advice,

all the best,


Hello Matthew,

Here's ACCENT School's website:

actually just the English version, which contains less info than the Bulgarian one

and here's a link to their programme for language courses in Bulgarian:

There's a new beginner's course starting on 21 Feb., but it is a morning course, so probably not suitable for working people.

As for Private lessons, you'll have to call them and ask yourself, cos it is not in the programme of courses.

Hope this helps!



thanks so much for sending me that info. Super helpful. I will look into it an see what I can do :D thanks again. :D


I have been in Bulgaria for 2 months now and it ssoo glaring that if I need to get a job quick, I need to learn the language. I speak perfect British English and French and looking for a job

Not exactly :). If you speak perfect French + English, then you do not need Bulgarian to find a job. Not at all ....

i am do lucky that even not one sentence of Bulgarian I use, that even sign language in shopping is fun and laughter, I an totally short term memory loss and the visual letters and words of Bulgarian I cannot even get my brain to work out what a word would mean. I am British and even my English language is hard sometimes. I think the younger generation are understanding English and so in my village when I try to communicate, with little luck, they rush to another shop to ask help and finally manage any problems.
The only thing I cannot do is pay my bills. electric water taxes. etc, I do get some one to do it for me but if I go with them it doesn't work for me. I wish I had some one to set it up online for automatic paying.
Although hard to trust at moment as been burgled twice in a month.

My advice to you guys is to hang out with the Bulgarians and only Bulgarians, you'll learn a lot, that's how I learnt and I'm almost fluent

I really admire that you are trying to speak bulgarian. For sure it is very difficult for you.
I would like to learn dutch because my boyfriend is from Holland and I can't communicate with his parents ( they speak only dutch and german). On this way I need to practice a lot with native speakers and I will be more than happy if I can help you to improuve your bulgarian.
Jenya :)

Hello Jenya,nice to meet you😀

Hello! Nice to meet you too!

Hi in dutch hoi,   

thanks for your message, sure i want to help you with the Dutch language, i got a skype adress, so prob that the most easy way....when i moved to Bulgarian my english was just school english and over the years here i improved my english. My bulgarian in not really improving, maybe i'm to old (57), young ones pick the language up much easier. Anyway like to help you with your Dutch, no problem, jamma problem,,,,,,in Dutch; vriendelijke groet, Carla Boon

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