Looking for accommodation

Scottish girl Looking for accommodation in march onwards
To rent or rent a room? In Dubai marina area or nice areas to meet people in similar situations to  me.
Moving from
Scotland and would appreciate any help or advice

Hi Kirstysum,

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You should post this ad in the housing in Dubai section.

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Hi...This is saran.I can assist you.whts up me **

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[at]saran > could you please give useful information on the forum instead of giving only your contact number? Thank you

you need long term


There are many rental websites which gives you complete detailed information. One of them is


I hope this will meet your requirements


Dhieraj Garg

Dear All,

You can see lot of sites in UAE for housing, including Expat.com, Dubliz.com and may such sites. You just see renal or place an advertisement for wanted accommodation sharing or independent according to your budget.



Hi Kirsty
Your probably better joining a women's only network or socialising group to find others who want to maybe flat share.

Your gonna get inundated with replies from males and possibly males pretending to be women.


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You may search in the below website which will help you the details, rent, location etc.


I hope this will help you. if anything more, let me know.

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