Moving to Puerto Plata

Moving from California to Puerto Plata in February 2017. Trying to find a safe place to rent, maybe in a gated community. Looking at spending $500.00 or less. Would like at least 2 bedrooms. Any recommendations or  advice?

Yes book into a hotel until you arrive, then BOOTS ON THE GROUND is the way to go here.  Most rentals are not online.  Most are found when you are here.

That is a long move. I am in Puerto Plata,  let me know when you are coming and I will try to connect you with people who can help you.

I have an apartment down there by Pola supermarket.  I only just saw your post.its in a condominium complex with  two pools armed guards cable and Internet......i can send you some pictures

Pola is in Sosua, not Puerto Plata.   I am not sure the OP is here already or not.

I got a beautiful apartment in Puerto plata.  Thanks for referring to your associate, but he never replied. Glad I wasn't desperate.

Glad it worked out.  How are you finding it here so far???

Bob K


Sounds good!!!  Share your experiences if you feel like it!!!

I did not know anything about the dominican republic before I got here. However, I chose to get temporary lodging. After reviewing what was available, I chose a place called "SuncampDR" in a small village called Munoz on the outskirts of Puerto Plata. Truly,  this experience was amazing. It is run by a Canadian lady named Diana. There were just too many benefits to staying here, including tourism expertise,  family atmosphere, healthy living, and in the end, she assisted me with not just finding an apartment in Puerto plata,  but legal and sponsor issues. I would highly recommend that anyone coming to the Dominican Republic for a short time or moving here, begin with SuncampDR and Diana.
Bottom line,  she has been here for almost 30 years and has many Dominican contacts, she is a invaluable resource. For me, being able to trust someone helped me move ahead with getting settled faster.

I cooroborate the good things said about Suncampdr, near puerto plata.   It just might not be posh enough for most spoilt, rich gringos.

Thank you for your update. Maybe things have changed but I have heard many complaints about it.  Enough said.

So where is your place in Puerto Plata? How is the getting settled in going?

Well, there are always people who are not satisfied no matter what others do for them, but I saw many people who were from all over the world who where thankful as was I.  If I had not had such a great experience and witnessed others who also had a great experience,  I would still be waiting for your contact to call me. Lucky I did not wait. No I am a resident of Puerto Plata and love this city and if anyone wants to have a great resource that is there when you need them, then I strongly recommend SuncampDR.  This is based on real life experience,  not hearsay.

I live near Plaza turisol,, near the Malecon. Beautiful 2 bedroom, BBQ pit, Italian quarry tile, jacuzzi, and great security, all for $330.00 per month. This location was referred to me by Diana at SuncampDR, and she got me legal assistance in the matter. Again, I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about relocating to the Puerto Plata area start at SuncampDR and form your own opinion from your experience, as did I.

Wow nice reply!!!! While I am sorry the person I referred you to did not contact you, you can bet I will never give you another one!

Excellent attitude from a new guy!

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