Grain alcohol in Puerto Rico?

Does anyone know if grain alcohol is sold in Puerto Rico, and if so, where can i buy it?

When we lived in NY we were able to drive to NJ and purchase a brand called Everclear, 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof).  The airlines classify it as a hazardous material, so we are not allowed to bring any back with us on the plane, either carry-on or checked.

We have always used grain alcohol to make Anisette from an old family recipe, and would like to continue that tradition here if possible.
Thanks in advance!

Don't recall if Everclear is on the shelves in PR.  I do think that some high proof (180?) rum is available, it may work as a substitute.

Sometimes when I stop by at a local watering hole someone comes by with a bottle of what sounds like the stuff you are interested in. It reminds me of the aguardiente that I would come across in Peru. When I get back I can find out

We call the home made rum Pitorro which is similar to moonshine. There is also a legal one also by the same name. Homemade is best :D

There is a grain alcohol sold on the military bases, 195 proof... much stronger than pitoro (spelling?), which is a hone made rum, made from cane, not grain alcohol. If you do not have credentials, you cannot purchase from military bases.

Not familar with "Pitorro".  Will ask about it.

We have purchased a local home made type of rum that is flavored with different types of tropical items, they called it "Rumcanna" or something like that?   A good one had almonds, others had coconut, passion fruit, guava, pistachio.    We got it in gallon jugs with the nuts/fruit on the bottom. 

I think it is local moonshine made at home and stored awhile to adsorb the flavors.   Tasted pretty good!

Rum Caña is basically the same and it is made at home. Some hollow a large pineapple and fill it with rum and either put it in the refrigerator or burry it in a shady area then dig it out a week later, very smooth.

Sitka and fellow followers,

     First, "Rumcana" Tilde on the N to pronounce a sound specific sound like a nasal ~.sound? Although the taste might be swallowable,depending on how long it's been buried and fermenting please be careful Rumcana is sometimes used for Pitorro BUT there's a difference.  Pitorro is potent and dangerous not for your average social drinker.  Sample if someone offers you a PITORRO from a shot glass and let it take effect.  It's been know to knock some people kidding.  I'm not a"real drinker anymore, but have tasted before after being advised to go with caution.. This is no joke.. I used to be able to drink plain whiskey, scotch, Jack Daniels straight...nothing compared to Pitorro. I've accidentally swallowed gasoline and still not the same.. Just want to make it clear...AVISO (WARNING)

Pitorro and run caña takes some getting used to but it is good and traditional during the holidays which is now and running until mid month. But enjoyable year round.

Unlike moonshine I never known of a case of using dangerous materials in their mix.

We had drinks at a friends house in Hatillo, he hollowed out pineapples, froze the shell and served run cana drinks in the frozen pineapple shell.   Really a nice tropical presentation and tasted great!

Yeah, had some of that Pitorro last night, WOW! My nephew made it, made with passion fruit, mangoes,  and papaya, let me tell you boys, that stuff is strong. If you can't find grain alcohol here, you sure can make it yourself.

Here's a legal version of Pitorro, called PitoRico.  Apparently available island-wide.

I spent a year in Puerto Rico working and one of the local girls took me to her house for a party one day. Her brothers and Uncles had some homemade alcohol that had a bunch of fruit in it that they buried and let ferment. It was sweet but very strong. I loved it and wanted to bring some home but they said it was illegal. Do you know if it was one of the ones you mentioned above? I thought it started with "Man" something. It was sweet like wine but strong like moonshine. I've been dying to know what it was called. Thanks in advance

I know this as Pitojo. Originally it was fermented with fruit in a bottle and buried in the ground for months. I buy it from a neighbor  but I think it is straight alcohol mixed with fruit juice without the buried experience. As was mentioned there is a commercially produced product but I have not tasted it yet.

It is pitorro, it is illigal like anything that pays no taxes. A comercial product exist by the same name, they stole the name since there was nobody to defends the rights of the brand.

Our friends brought over a Puerto Rican favorite, called Rumchata.  Rum with different types of fruit or nuts used to flavor it.  The fruit is put into the bottle, then filled with rum, it is aged for some time to infuse the flavors.  Almond and coconut are very good.  Many flavors are available.

Our friends took some home to the states in their luggage.


People flavor the rum with different fruits. I prefer pineapple. My family use to hollow a pineapple, fill it with rum and burry it. They used the illigal one like moonshine.

Yea, we know a guy who has a still.  His moonshine is pretty harsh, kinda like drinking fishhooks.   :o

But the Rumchata I think is made with Don Q or Bacardi, it is very good.

Sitka :

Yea, we know a guy who has a still.  His moonshine is pretty harsh, kinda like drinking fishhooks.   :o


One of my neighbors makes a great Pitorro. Every now and then we buy a bottle or we go over for a couple of shots. Better than the watering hole! :D

Anyone reasonable person has gave up moonshine at least 30 years ago.   A headache from that swill will have you reachin' for the top shelf every time.

So you're telling me I'm not reasonable?  :D
I don't drink a lot at all, no matter what it is, but I like a good Pitorro (like the one my neighbor makes)  every now and then. A couple of shots don't give me a headache. ;)

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