Furniture ... bring it or sell it?

Do most expats bring their own furniture?

My living situation will be temporary at first...while I get my bearings, so it may require 2 moves in the course of a year.

I wonder if bringing my furniture is foolish or wise. I have some unique pieces and a very nice bed I surely would miss.

Can I get few opinions? I'm thinking of storing my furniture in Arizona while I stay in a furnished short term rental. There's a side of me that thinks this might be foolish...paying rent on furniture not being used, and the cost to ship it from Arizona to PR.

There's the other side of me that wants to sell it all and start fresh.

What's the concensus?

Well, you are moving to the tropics, and depending where you are staying( by the ocean or inland) some types of furniture, does not hold well.  The humidity mixed with the salt, I am sure you get the picture.  Furniture made of iron, would not hold as well as Rattan or wood.  The bed would be fine.

Thanks for that insight. That didn't cross my mind. Thankfully my stuff is all wood. Not pressboard wood, but real wood.

I'm still looking for opinions insofar as the cost to store furniture for a couple of months (while I find a permanent place) shipping it from the southwest US to Puerto Rico.

I wonder should I just have an estate sale, bring my pets and toothbrush and start anew. Or is it prudent to bring my furniture? My bedroom set is very comfy and I'm worried about finding something comparable.

I also have some vintage modern pieces that would be hard to replace I think.

Sell it or bring it????

Sell or bring is a personal decision. Check prices for shipping and decide if it's worth it..

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