Ukrainian permanent residence

I am married to Ukrainian woman in Egypt and we legalized the marriage certificate in embassy of Ukraine in Cairo with embassy stamp. Now I am applying for D visa to travel to Ukraine for permanent resident my question is:

How long I need to stay to finalize my permanent residence (my wife live in Ternovka, Dnipro)?

Do I need more stamp other than embassy stamp on my wedding certificate, where if needed?

My wife is divorced and have kids and live in apartment of her X so I can to put my address in Ukraine as her parents address (same city)?

Another friend of mine who is also a Egyptian married to a Ukrainian woman (btw he is a member of this forum as well) tried to legalize their marriage certificate as you do and the embassy officer 2 times affixed a wrong stamp. So make sure that the stamp reads that this document is legalized, not translated, it does not certify the translator or something else…. It clearly should read “legalized”.

It could take a year if you do not have an immigration permit. If this is the case then it is better now to apply for a temporary residence for one year and after that to apply for the immigration permit.

If you do have already the immigration permit then the permanent residence certificate is issued within 7 days after submission of the full package of documents.

The main stamp you should get is a stamp of legalization (or apostilization (I do not remember whether Egypt is a member state to the apostilization convention). The embassy may also translate it into the Ukrainian language and certify the translation but all these can also be done in Ukraine.

If your wife is also one of owners of this apartment then she can register you at this address.

Thanks for your reply,
Actually I have 2 stamps one circle and other rectangular with kind of written and sign in both translated contract and original one, so that the stamps or I need other?

I am applying for D visa now in embassy so how long time I need to stay in Ukraine to have stamp on my passport to let me travel to Ukraine for one year without Appling for visa in embassy again.?

My wife local passport written address for her X apartment but her parents apartment next street to her address, so is that going to work or not.?

Thanks for helping

Not all that easy my friend.  Once you arrive in Ukraine with the Visa D.  You need to go to Ovir to get your one year temporary or if you have been married for over two years you can apply for the resident visa.  A lot depends upon you and where you live.  I only know how it works in Kharkiv.

Even though you have the Visa D, you still need to have all of the documents and health insurance you can purchase here to apply for a one year extension or your resident.  It can get exciting.

One word of advice, do not try to argue with any of the officials, let your wife talk to them.

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