Do i need a return ticket to be allowed to enter Syria?

I was told that I will need a return ticket to be allowed to enter Syria. I don't have a return ticket yet as I'm planning to take Arabic classes and don't know exactly how long to stay there.

Thanks in advance.

Usually to enter countries that you require a visa for, you also require a return ticket. I would recommend that you book an open return ticket, so that you can change/confirm you return date when you know your arabic course will be finished.
Enjoy! Arabic is a challenging but lovely language (I'm still learning) and Sryia will be a great place to learn! Good luck!

yeah but just have afake reservation then you can cancel it it is easy to do dear...

Thanks for the advice snow_flake...
Gorgeos, a fake reservation? how to do that?

gosh just when you need to apply to any country they are asking you reservation of tow ways but when you got the visa simply just buy one way ticket and no one will ask you wat kind of ticket you hav.
and dnt forget if you buy ticket make it flixable so when you are here you can change return date..