Divorce Egyptian - Australian.

I married my husband in egypt in ministry of justice in cario in 2007 he is egyptian i am australian can he divorce me without my knowing or do i have to be notified thank you for your time

Should be notified via your embassy! God helps.

if there no connection with him now

yes ... he can divorce you without notification by sending notification to fake address

I think you can ask in Ministry of Justice by your name about any divorce notification

we can help to return your relation again .. I used to do this a lot of times

Yes he can do that , formally you should be notified ,best way to know through your embassy as they will communicate with ministry of justic

You have to be notified.  As far as I'm aware he cannot divorce without marriage document. Plus they need to be able to contact you.  Your address will of been on the marriage document.  If not go to the Egyptian embassy with all your documentation .   But if that's what you think he has done. That's good news.  He's paid for it and your free of him.  If in doubt do the divorce yourself.  Get papers from courts in Australia.   Use his address on the marriage document the courts will send papers for him to sign.  If returned unsigned you go ahead and divorce him simple.  You can Evan go to the Egyptian embassy with your divorce papers and they will provide you with Egyptian divorce papers.  Simple simple

Hi this is fady,intellectual.lqwyer,
U should be notified but in most cases. Divorce happens in your absence and u get notified on an address that your husband gaved to court,

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