Regarding License for Steel Contracting company in Dubai municipality


I am working in a Steel Engineering and Fabrication company as structural engineer. I have UAE Experience of 2 years and India Experience of 1year. I am going to write Dubai Municipality License Test  for G+1 building. Kindly guide me regarding what questions will be asked and interview questions since. Kindly do this needful.

Many thanks

i am going to write g+1 steel exam in dubai municipality. if any one knows. pls let me send ***

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you passed the exam? im taking also but I dont have idea. Can you share the test exam for Steel Contracting G+1?


Hi Mr. Kinsking,

Can you please share the text exam for Steel contracting G+1?

please can you send me the details in private message

can you share please

caroleabchacra wrote:

please can you send me the details in private message

you help me me too getting ready for dubai municipality exam as civil engineer. if you have model questions please mail me
pls send me the model question and answer for Steel Structural engineer-DM

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Hi, I am having steel structural exam next week for G+1 will be great if you can help me with the notes.


hi you wrote Dubai municipality steel structure exam. Please help me as soon as possible.bcoz i have same exam for tomorrow. i am eagerly waiting for your reply.

hai , i have exam in g+1 steel construction exam i think you done the exam , please help me , what is questions?

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