Hip Hop Dance Classes in Dammam / Khobar? Maybe even Bahrain?

Helllo everyone,

  I never got into dance before coming to Saudi Arabia, go figure, but I learned how to salsa here because I enjoyed dancing and it was the only group I could find...and it was fun!  I was amazed at all the people who were interested in salsa over here.  Yet, salsa was never the dance I "really" loved.  I enjoy hip hop music.  The type of music that makes me wanna jump up and down as soon as I hear it. 

Well, if there are multiple groups of salseros here - if that can be done in Saudi - maybe a hip hop group could happen too. 

Would anyone be interested in joining / creating a hip hip dance class / group?  I know a few dances I could teach that are really fun and full of energy.  I'm not looking for money but I am looking for others that love to dance and enjoy the environment in a dance class. 

Leave a response if you're interested.  Maybe this could happen.

I am interested in learning to dance.  Thx in advance.

Sounds interesting - my aim would be to take it as an exercise routine:)


I am interested. Leave me ur contact information so I can get you

Serious Guy :


I am interested. Leave me ur contact information so I can get you

Regardless of who is asking for contact information, I strongly recommend you check their posting history, counting the number of posts in their 'timeline' against the number stated next to their avatar, then checking the content of their posts.
If a lot of posts have been deleted or all/most ask for personal contact, I would think twice before contacting that person.

that's good... I'm very interested... hip hop dance!!!!

Is there an age limit? lol.

I love dancing too and been wanting to enroll in a salsa class but the location is always too far from where I live. Hip hop is really fun but I guess I should give way to the younger ones  :)

I am a latin Dancer, teach basic CHA-CHA-CHA, SAMBA, RUMBA, and JIVE. I am open for any dance classes too...

If u have any class at weekends let me know

count me in, I am definitely interested. I would be a beginner but I could use the group spirit to get better faster. I hope I would be able to join.

Can someone has a big place here to practice in Dammam then we will form a group.

It's need a compound if some have any place in any compound ...

Yeahh!!! it has to... Or a single wide room is enough....

I am interested to join in your class, I would love to learn hip hop and also to form a group of friends here in dammam. If ever, please let me know asap. Thanks in advance

What is your Genre od Dancing Karl?

I am not really a dancer. I just want to learn so I could have some good time and a routine also during free time. But mostly interested to hip hop

I would like to join Hip hop class ASAP- in Khobar, can you share your contact to get back to please

Hey!  I'm so sorry it took so long to get back to you! 🙈 I never got these messages until now. I don't know what happened with that, but we have started having classes. They've been going great for months!  You're free to join. We have a great group of friendly people.  Private message me your whatsapp number and I'll message you more.
😀 I hope to hear from you soon! We have classes on Tuesday nights!

heey guys. I am a hiphop breakdancer and I would like to join a hiphop group if there is a place for that. I am also willing to give breakdance classes if anyone is interested.

Where to contact who is running and where in khobar inbox details ....

So much having fun dancing with PAKman2328 last night with lot of sweat....

What is location and contact number this pak man is not picking the phone and don't have what's app on number which he gave

It was great seeing Max and Geo in the class last week!  It was a lot of fun 😀
I hope even more of you can come in the future.


hi, I am interested how can I join, by the way,iam a girl.  .........., am i too late

No, you're fine but I'm away until after Ramadan. I'll continue classes in July.

Hip hop classes in Dammam! Great!
I'd love to join

I am looking for dance classes in khobar contact at ***

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Thanks to everyone for their interest. Classes have been really fun and we r always looking for fun, nice, new people to join us. Please private message me for more info. 😊

yogafitnessgirl - I sent you a private message.  Please check it because you're more than welcome to join our classes.  They've been really fun. 
I hope to hear from you soon.


Im very interested.Im staying presently in dammam.what's up # ***.

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Where is the location?and how much?thanks

Interesting I can contacts

Please contact PAKman2328

hi i would like to be part of it please contact ***

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Please PM   PAKman2328

yah me also i am looking for a group of dancers,..i know only how to dance hip hop..i have a previous crew in my country..

Still the class is on going?? I lost my contacts

Yes it is still going on. Message me for more info

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