MMA or Martial arts classes in Dammam

Hi guys,

just wanted to know if anybody is aware of any MMA or martial arts like Muay thai or kickboxing   classes  available in Dammam or khobar or Saihat area??

would appreciate your feedback


There is one trainer named captain ibrahim. Earlier he was in Dammam near Al Waha, but now he is shifted to 91 area.

Give him a call 0503800811. He speaks good English.

I was about to join Mr. Ibrahim in Saihat but heard he stopped training Unfortunately due to unknown reasons..

Is that true by the way?

From Tuesday he is going to start.

Please let me know the exact location my friend :)..really appreciate it !!

Actually I also wanted to join.

Already remind him to share the exact location details.

Once get I will share with you.

Appreciate it Brother..just message me if you find it

G Map detail : (copy full link & paste in browser) … 1.1"N 50°01'00.1"E/@26.4586325,50.014494,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?q=26.4586325,50.0166827&z=17

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I am from the UK and I'll be in the Dammam/Khobar area for a month from the 7th August. Did you find anything? If not do you know of a gym where we meet and train together, ideally with punch bags etc. My background is Muay Thai and I will have a set of pads with me.

anyone aware of a place for bjj and MMA for women in dammam or al khobar . if u do know, please share the information
Thank you

I don’t really think if they have.

I’m Coming back to Saudi next month and I don’t want to stop rolling.
We can practice together somewhere till we find a place!
I do Mauy THai as well


those who joined, can you help me with further details like what are the fees and frequency of the sessions?

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