New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Prisca, I'm 26 and I live in Italy. I am moving to the US (Maryland) on Nov 7 as I was granted a green card at the end of September (I am married to an American citizen) and I am now trying to get everything ready for the move.

I am a little intimidated by the process of actually settling down there and setting my new "roots", but I hope with time and patience it will happen. Getting a job will help a lot, I am sure, so I hope that happens relatively quickly.

Nice to meet you all!  :)

Hi, My name is Paul, already bought a house in Sarasota but only at present travel on an Esta, hopefully apply for different visa soon, not decided which to go for, E2 looks good but do not really want to work full time as just retired back here i the UK.

You don't have to work you can place a manager in the business, you do need to take drawings


My name is Fanny, I'm 26 and I'm French. I just arrived in Minnesota 2 weeks ago for an internship for 18 months. I'm looking for meeting new people and making some friends to hang out with and visit the country :)

I'm Brazilian guy. 52 yo I like to make new friend I live in Massachusetts almost. 25. Minutes. Away. From of the capital Boston  anytime you come to Boston you welcome

hello everybody
My name is Nadji, im 38 years male from Algeria, was working as an HSE engineer in oilfiled...
i lately got a visa to the usa, type B1/B2, and im planning to fly there this year, to new york at the moment but it could be to all the states....
i would like to get in touch with people (locals or expats) and to have more infos about the country, life, culture and the expat life

thanks for your stop by and drop

with love :heart:


hello everybody
My name is Angel, from Indonesia, was working as Law Consultant Firm here in Indonesia
i lately got a visa to the usa, type B1/B2, and im planning to fly there this year, to Arizona and will continue my Master Degree in Law.
i would like to get in touch with people (locals or expats) and to have more infos about the country, life, culture and the expat life

thanks for your stop by and drop

warm regards  :heart:

Angel :heart:

Am harry huger from Austin taxes,work with GE Oil & Gas,I work as the Director of Operations at GE Oil & Gas and i leave in Boston,Massachusetts

Hello everybody, anyone who is interested in getting information about new york city, feel free to ask. Tx.

Hello Johnny > you can start by viewing threads on the USA forum and try to answer member's questions on the forum. ;) Thank you for your help.


My name is Shannon Nicole and I am a Californian. I  studied abroad in Austria and worked abroad in South Korea. I have been working with expatriates for 16 years and have my own company that assists international professionals. I am hoping to live abroad again with my family so I can give my son the valuable experience of living in another culture.

I love meeting people from around the world and would be happy to answer any questions you have about living, working or moving to the USA.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the advise and guidance.
Very helpful :)

Hello guys,

my name is Khaldoun I'm intending to visit USA soon for Pharmacy board and I already have visa but I'm worried as I have no idea about life there. I'm looking for friends from USA to have more information about work and accomadation, what kind of job can I get easily while im studying. which state is better?

Thank you in advance

Best regards,

Dear partner
I am a Kenyan citizen by birth, a businessman by career, I am a Freight Forwarder and importer, I would want to import products from United States, and I am looking for where to start,

I'm an MBA student at UVU, UT and going to graduate in Aug, 2017. Currently, I am working as a graduate assistant for the school. I will be able to work in the States as a full-time starting from next year. I have 8 years of marketing experience in consumer electronics. I worked with Sony, Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, Electrolux, Dell and many others. I would like to work a for company which may want to expand its business in Mongolia someday.

My turn to intro here.

I am from singapore/Malaysia and just got relocated to Los Angeles, CA. I work in an IT company as a regional general manager covering US, Singapore and Taiwan.

I hope to meet friends here and merge into this community. If it is good, i am targeting to move my family here next year April or May.

Hello All,

My name is Emi Cacace and I am from Argentina. I live in NYC and I own my Real Estate company: Portico Realty Group. I service NYC and Westchester County. I also can assist finding a home overseas, since I am a Certified International Property Specialist.
Married to an Argentinean handsome men :) for 16 years and have a son. I love to travel and build long lasting relationships with friends all over the world.
If you need help searching for a home to rent, buy or sell anywhere, I can help.
Looking forward to be part of this amazing group of people from expat.

Good Morning

Its nice to meet a fellow realtor.  I am in Central Florida and I help a lot of snow birds from your area, if you know anyone looking in this area I will be happy to help them.

Hi Khaldoun,

Life in the US is like in any other country. This means that it will depend upon the city and state you move in. If you would like to work and study at the same time, it would be convenient to move near a city in any state. Transportation is key for commuting and job opportunities are larger in urban areas.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help.


Hello Shelley,

Glad to meet you. Are you going to the conference in Orlando? Will be nice to connect.


yes I will be about.  My email ***The we can plan to meet.

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Hello  y'all.

My name is Quentin. I'm moving to America on November 12th.
I'll come with a fiancee visa. My fiancee and I will be living in Monroe, LA for a few weeks and we're currently looking for another city to live in! It's like a whole new life starting for the both of us and it's very exciting!! (a little bit stressful though, and we are asking ourselves a lot of questions. But it's worth it!)

Hello am Ann kendi 21 yrs old from Kenya, am looking for a job in any field  am willing to work in USA to better my future.Kindly any one willing please assist me .Thank you looking forward for a reply.

I am  Winnie from Malaysia.  Had been in USA for more than 15 years.  First I live in Los Angeles for about 10 years.  Now reside in Phoenix, Arizona for more than 5 years.  My Husband is a Naturopathic Doctor and I am doing real estate. 

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Hi Emi! I'm Kates Bollina and also an International Property Specialist from the Philippines. I am also assigned in NYC for to do roadshows and marketing events. If you know someone who's interested in investing in the Philippines, please do let me know. :) Hope to meet you soon!


When do you plan to move to Phoenix?

@ beseeninme > This thread has been created for the introduction of new members, can you please introduce yourself? :)

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Thank you Johnny,

Hello everyone. I am new in this group..

Hi Marie welcome to expat. I am from Daytona Beach area.

Hi Everyone!
  My name is Tiffany and I will be living in the Middlebury area of Connecticut for a couple months before going to Chengdu China for a year. I recently moved back to the states from Peru where I lived for 3 years.
Before Peru I was in the Pacific Northwest for about 6 years but I am originally from Pennsylvania.
Looking forward to connecting to fellow travelers while in the states!

Hi there!
I am Ben from France an I have been living in Florida for over a year now!
I will be happy to give you advices on how to move here, specifically I can help French People.
I am also an Entrepreneur and I started Verydrone, a drone tech startup in Pompano Beach.

Hopefully all well you must be enjoying your time
Here in USA
I leave in New York

Hi, I am from Namibia.  I have been living in the USA since 1999.  Currently, I am in the Metro Detroit Area.

I can speak German, Afrikaans, and English.

Hello everyone, Happy New Year. I am Alexander from Milwaukee. New to this community forum.

Hello, I'm Benjamin, new member of the USA forum. I lived in the New York/New Jersey area and now in Florida. Happy New Year to the community!

Hello everyone
My name is Matthew and I'm a U.S citizen by birth. I live in Greece since I was 5, I'm 48 years old now and I work as a freelance in computer sales and repair/support. I have a non U.S citizen wife and two girls aged 9 and 5. I had never been back to the States until my first trip last April. I am thinking of moving to California with my family in the near future, but I'm worried about job possibilities, schools, everyday life and of course, my family visa requirements.
Hope to find here the answers I'm seeking.
Thank you

there are websites that rate school districts by quality.  Cali is generally an expensive state.  use to post your resume, be sure you use good key words.  The US is currently short 200,000 cyber security people.  spend some time at the US embassd RE: visas. … h-america/

Thank you very much
I sure can start with that!

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