About tourist visa for the parents of a Brazilian child

Hello everybody. I really missed this forum, I remember a year ago, this forum helped me very much before going to Brazil thank you expat blog and Mr. James you really help us.
Now, I have a question about the parents of a Brazilian child ( foreigner parents) if they try to apply for tourist visa to go back to Brazil , is it really that they will find difficulties or they wont get it at all? Some people told me that I will have troubles in getting a tourist visa because I went to Brazil and gave birth there. They mean that I deceived them and they will punish me by not giving me a visa. Is all that true?
Thank you so much in advance.

Does any one have an idea?

Seems that no one have an idea :)


I think I may be able to help you with that question, as my wife and I also have a brazilian child, and we are british by birth. Firstly, we have found brazilians are welcoming of people giving brith there, but this does not mean you decieved them when you gave birth in the country. You should have no problems re-entering the country if there were no punative measures taken against you when you were last there by immigration. Please answer the following questions and I can assist you better:

What country are you from?
Did you overstay on your last visit? If so, were you fined?
Did you extend your visa on your last visit?
Does your child have a brazilian passport?
Have the parents applied for a permanent visa?

Hello Lamc, thank you so much for your answer. Actually I did not have any problem there. The only thing we did , is giving birth fthere. I'll answer the questions in order to clarify this.

What country are you from?
From Saudi Arabia

Did you overstay on your last visit? If so, were you fined?
No , we did not.

Did you extend your visa on your last visit?
No,we entered in september and I gave birth in October.

Does your child have a brazilian passport?
Yes , he does.

Have the parents applied for a permanent visa?
Yes, but actually we came back to our country before taking the permanent residence card , we only have a paper called protocol I think.

Thank you.


You will have no problem re-entering the country, especially as you have your protocolo stamp in your passport or the paper version. The protocolo works as a temporary RNE or permanent visa whilst you wait for your RNE card to be issued. You will not need to enter as a tourist or need any visa, join the queue for Brazilians at the airport and show your childs passport, your passports with protocolo stamp or paper. I would advise collecting your RNE card as soon as you can from the Military Police where you made your permanent visa application, and travel with your childs brazilian birth certificate also. You, as parents of a brazilian, and your child have the right to remain in Brazil for as long as you like, as would any other citizen.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. I wish you and your new family all the best in Brazil.


Thank you so much for these valuable information I'm grateful to you. But the problem here , is the expiration of the protocol. it's written on the paper that it expires in Feb 2016 . Can I still go to Brazil without a tourist visa?

If you do not have the 'Registro De Estrangeiros' (Permanent visa) stamp inside your passport (which does not expire), and your protocolo paper has expired, I would suggest that you apply for your tourist visa for Brazil and enter as a tourist, just to save the hassle of elongated enquiries being made on arrival. This will give you the standard 90 days. Then attend the Policia Federal where you made your application for permanent registration and collect your RNE card. A Registro De Estrangeiros stamp then will be placed in your passport and you will not require a tourist visa again, you can just present your RNE card on arrival with your passport. Do remember to take all your documentation with you to the federal police i.e. Your Passports (especially for baby), birth certificates (especially for baby), marriage certificate. Bring any translated documentation you may have that supported your application the first time in Brazil.

Thank you so much for this perfect explanation  :) I will do just the same as you said .

Any idea about how long the processing of permanent residency for parent of brazilian child? Does it takes 40days?

Yes ,they told us it takes 40 days.

Good morning Madam! Thank u so much for ur quick responsed regarding of this issue. I have plan to apply this but im planning to travel by this week..so i thought the processing of it is just 1 day same

Im a refugee of this country coz i arrived here having 7months preggy and they gave me 1month tourist visa. I came here just to give birth.....my protocol will be expired on July 7,2016...now if i will travel without the authorization from Conare...do i have still the possiblity to enter on this country?

I can confirm your permanent residency takes 40 days approximately if you have all related documentation required at the point of application.

Are you still in Brazil?
Has your child been born yet?
How long are you staying in Brazil?

My visa here was already expired but im using my protocol....if i will travel back to Thailand, do they give me a fine for overstaying here? Pls i need a response from u guys

At Lmac....Sir, im still here in brazil..i already gave a birth to my son here. I arrived here June 13, 2016.

Technically they could fine you for overstaying your tourist visa, but under the circumstances I am not sure if they would as you have the excuse of giving birth, and you may not have been physically able to fly, and your child should not fly under 8 weeks of age. I would not state you came to Brazil to give birth, more you were on holiday when it happened. I would strongly suggest that you attend the Federal Police to apply for your permanent residency now before you leave as you have the right under law to do so. At this time they will extend your ability to stay by placing a stamp in your passport, and you will get a paper with your protocolo/RNE number on it. You will need to make an online appointment to make this application. You will need to bring your passport(s), Childs birth certificate, Marriage certificate (translated to Portuguese) if applicable. You can usually find an official portuguese translator through the local notary.

It is always better to remain in Brazil and collect your RNE card after the forty days when it is issued, if possible.

At Lmac, sir...do u have any idea if they will give a fine for me?

I really could not say if they would or not. What I can say is that you do have a strong excuse for not being fined, as giving birth is beyond your physical control, so I would find it unlikely that they would fine you, if you were not physically able to travel. You have a birth certificate and your child to prove it.

Thank u for ur quick responsed Sir....thank u so much

Im hoping that they will not fine me...and i cant wait anymore for 40 days coz of financial problem

i have been reading your posts and they are really helpful to me,i have a question from you,how did u manage to flight while you were 8 months pregnant?
if i dont tell the air line my wife pregnancy.i wont have any problem?

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