Bogota versus Lima


I have a dilemma to solve. I am a french engineer and I have been proposed a job in Lima or Bogota, for the same firm. The job is the same, just the location is different.

There are so many parameters and... I would like to ask your personnal opinion about it.

I would choose Peru because :
- It is more safe
- Food is better
- Lima has sea
- Way more easy to have a visa (but doesn't really count because if I work I should have a visa anyway)

But I would rather choose Bogota because :
- Life is cheaper
- Women are prettier (yes that counts !)
- The economic growth of the country is more important
- Colombia & Bogota are more modern
- Easier to travel from Bogota (? not sure about it)

To be honest... I would think I would prefer Colombia, and if the choice was between Lima & Medellin it would be easy ! But... bogota doesn't seem like the best city... hence I m not sure about it.

What is your opinion ?

Choose Colombia.

well i wouldnt say bogota is more modern than lima .. theres little in it .
it appears youve been to neither lima or bogota .there both big citys and the districts vary tremendously... in both citys ,there are slums ,and high society disticts..... sure the colombianas are beautiful...but so are the peruanas !

im afraid your question is impossible to answer...its like what came first the chicken or the egg?

so lets put it down to this...
peru has a big problem with crime.. but personally id rather be mugged than kidnapped !!
especially if your an executive... if you go to loco-mbia you need to wear sandals ,, no-one will want to kidnapp you then .. :dumbom:
i dont know who told you colombia is more economical.. iv always found it more expensive..but not too much more..
choose peru ..

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