PhD student seeks part-time French teaching or translation jobs

I will be moving to Manchester for the next 3 years for my PhD. I will be in Manchester in at the beginning of August 2017.

I would like to teach French as a side job.

What venues would allow me to do this.

Schools, Classified columns, cultural centers, associations.

I welcome all suggestions.

Tough one as most place charge for any sort of business, even micro business.
You might have a chance at some places, perhaps there might be something like this one available in Manchester. … 1185067942

Other than that, some groups might offer space for free or a peppercorn rent, but you'll have a hard time as so many people want that.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have just posted my ad on the gum tree site and volunteered my services to the Pankhurst centre.

There seems to be more to you than meets the eye........

secondfinger :

There seems to be more to you than meets the eye........

Just trying to help :)

Good luck with everything.

Advertising can be cheap, especially if you place a free or very cheap advert in the local advertising publications.
Lots to go at, but I'll post one example to give you the idea. … oCnJ3w_wcB

Hi secondfinger,

It is very likely that while you are pursuing for your PhD, you will be working (and paid) as a research fellow which entitles you to all the facilities available as a staff member.

My advise is to look with in campus at "School of Languages" or at adjacent colleges near University.

I also taught O level Urdu at Bradford College in the evening classes when i was studying for Master's  degree at Bradford University. :one

I am teaching online so we are in sinc.

Thanks again though.

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