Suggestions on cost of living and optimal salary


I'm mexican and I have a proposal for working in Panama buy I would like to hear how is the cost of life and which is more or less the optimal salary.

Thank you

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There is a wide variety of living options here depending on where and how you want to live. Panama City is expensive. Places with a lot of expats like Coronado or Boquete will also cost more. If you live in a smaller town or more rural area you can find very economical places. The optimal salary - doing what? where? A guy who cuts grass with a machete would be thrilled with $25/day but a lawyer in Panama City wouldn't find it worth getting out of bed for that.

Can I live safely in panama for $1000 a month?

In the interior yes. In Panama City that would be tough, and probably hard in Coronado, Boquete or other places full of expats. Find a small town or more rural area, shop where the locals shop, eat the food they eat, and live like they do. Whole families live on less than that. It all depends on what you want and how you choose to live.

I have to always use what I believe is the start of leaving the country where you are a citizen.

If cost of living (aka cheaper to live here ) is your #1 reason, then forget it!

Perhaps I am not as gracious or politically correct as some of the great people who contribute here all the time. Sure I guess you can live on 1K /mo. , but that should never be the #1 reason! IMHO.

Speaking as a person who has lived here full time six years in a couple of weeks.


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