EP rejected with Adverse record from MOM SG, and also issue with ICA

Hi all,

I need your input please. I have been working in Singapore in banking for almost 9 years, and was out of job last May. I am professional banker.

Small company that want to hire me, apply for EP but it has been rejected with Adverse record.

I was not allow to enter Singapore last 2 wks, on 14 August 2016. and now I got PR sponsor to appeal for me.

I would like to hear from person who has experience like this and kindly suggest what is the out come and how to do if you were success please.

I am now has another bigger company who invite me to be at their office in Singapore and head hunter agent who present me, prepare the invitation letter. I want to fly in from Thailand, but, it s really entirely my own risk. In case anyone has advise.

Hope to hear more input,



Hi Kate, sorry to hear about your case. Looking at your situation, I would like to suggest that please check with ICA and clarify your case (adverse record) with them. Unless until you don't get a response on your case, chances will be remaining same (when you try to enter again, they will not allow u).

Cause even though you got select in any bank, the adverse record will hunt you again. So, try to talk to ICA person and communicate through email to put your case clear to them and justify. Wish you good luck.

i did send the mail but no case in system yet.  and my sponsor will go to them again for appeal tomrw.

But my interview with invitation letter is next week. I want to fly in with the official letter and present to immigration.

What do you think? please

Your sponsor should find out the reason that why your case got blacklisted in ICA record. I'm not working in any of the govt agency but I certainly got some real time experience through my friend circle who had similar challenges in past. The only thing I can see is to clarify with ICA which could change the adverse record or reduce the time period of blacklist, as your sponsor is visiting the office, you should hope for the best.

Kate99 : your problem is same me . i think the problem is from MOM, not ICA , if you want to go to singapore again so need your sponsor to apply visit pass for you and wait for ICA approve fisrt  . Normally ICA will not answer real reason , i also asked already .

Could be Jenny, as in her case she was earlier working here for 9yrs.

She too can check with MoM office as well. But, it would be good for her to come to Singapore in visit pass under sponsor's request. If ICA approves her entry to Singapore then she can visit MoM office to clear this blacklist issue.

Surya is right: you will not get any work pass (EP) before this adverse record is cleared. And you should only attempt to enter Singapore after a visit pass was issued. Since the problem could be with ICA or MoM, you need to inquire with both (with the help of employer, sponsor, etc.).

Hi surya,

How s the outcome of your circle of friends come up in the past plssss?
Did they success to enter Singapore ? And get job EP approve?

I still wait to hear from ICA.

Thanks and hope to hear more about ur Frnd case pls


Jenny, have you manage to clear your case and successful back to Singapore ?

Pls let me know more info. Tks


I have already mentioned what you need to do in order for you to clear your case from ICA n MoM record. Others do similar way to erase their adverse record from book. You or your sponsor need to reach out MoM n ICA to clarify. There is no short cut way to do that.

If you will be coming again and ICA will not allow enter to Singapore then it only makes your case complicated and will take longer time as it indicates you are keep on trying to enter Singapore despite of blacklisted.

So, understand the criticality of your case and act smartly. Tell your sponsor (who must be a PR or citizen) to apply visa as in this case he or she will be the guarantor for you.

Hi Kate,

I think the only way you can get back to Singapore without any having a problem at the airport is the In-principle-approval regardless of how long had you been working in Singapore. You have to be holding the IPA when you get in through Sg immigration. So you might want to ask the company to interview you through Skype instead. It happened to me way back 2010.


Hi Kate and Jenny!!

I'm having the same situation as you. Can u guys please share more informations about your cases?? Did u guys get approval after appealing??

Hi Hana24 ,really after MOM rejected with this paper  my previous employer didn't want to appeal for me, so i also gave up it and working in my country now . MOM didn't give any clearly reasons so we couldn't know what reason. Some people like this case they only apply lower pass  els ...Spass , and cant Epass , some only can go back to Singapore under tourist and can't apply any pass . But depend on lucky or not, now Singapore is very strick .

Hi Surya

I applied already e pass and  s pass both all rejected but I receive letter from ICA your problm will be solved . Now what I do .can I come business .


I applied already e pass and  s pass both all rejected but I receive letter from ICA your problm will be solved . Now what I do .can I come business .

You CANNOT (under any circumstance) do business while on a work pass (EP or S-Pass).
But if your work pass application is rejected (i.e. you come on another visa), you may be allowed to do business. Check the rules and regulations for the visa you have then.

Beppi I have company already and acra also 50 % share but we apply e pass and. S pass will reject .can I apply business visa then meet ICA Directly is it possible

EP or S-Pass are for employees, not owners (or shareholders) running their own company.
You need an EntrePass for this purpose (or an investor visa, in case you have millions).
Contact a business incorporation service provider to help you with this!

The same issue I am facing now.  Please tell what I will do

Can I apply again for IPA

Ganesh: You should read the replies above and follow the advice given!

Moorthy: If the rejection reason is removed, you can apply again.

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