......just a punch bag then??!!

I was originally looking for a boxing gym that I could go to in Khobar, Dammam or Dharhan but nothing found as of yet.

So just to satisfy my urges, even a normal gym that has a punch bag would do me at the moment.

So does anybody know a gym around town that has a punch bag I can beat the crap out of?

I found one at Fitness First near the causeway but the location isn't great and the hard sell puts me off that place regardless of country.......

Thanks in advance

The hard sell is because they run 'lux gyms' for a price.
Local places don't have the nice posters on the wall and are short of carpet, but tend to do hard training instead of hard sell.

Dig around and find out where local non posers go.

Yeah I know what you mean, I don't care about carpet, I'm more used to spit and sawdust. It's the punch bag that I care about which is proving elusive.......

I dislike the 'posh' places because they play at combet arts instead of getting blood on the floor.
I recall a minor skinning of one knuckle and the twits were running around like I was on death's door.
Not real.

I think you might find one at the gym behind the Manarat boys school behind the Porsche centre....not sure if it is the porshe centre as they sell Bentleys from there.

Hello folks hows things? Any joy with the boxing gym? I've got gloves. Could bring pads next trip.

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