Table tennis and Gym in khobar

I want to inquire if there is any table tennis club in khobar/thuqba. Also if there is a gym with table tennis facility and reasonable rates, I would love to join it.

Advance thanks to all.

Same here,
trying to find a professional table tennis club but wasn't successful.. please inform me if you find one in al-khobar ..

thanks . .

I found Power Gym, it is mainly meant for aerobics and bodybuilding but they have 2 tables for TT. I have been able to play with couple of awesome players there.

That's awesome.. and thanks for the reply ... can you share the location.??
secondly, what sort of players are there..?? are they professional??
I am playing with Stiga double Carbon wood and sriver on both ends ... what is your choice of racket?

waiting for your reply :) ... thanks

Hi Ahmed,

Can you please tell which Power Gym is it? I have found couple of them around Khobar. Please point out the specific one as I planned to visit them today ..

thanks :)


Hi there

Can anyone help finding me  a good Table tennis club in Khobar or Dammam


Have you managed to get the details of Table tennis club to Play?

Hi there,

Good to see your reply ... unfortunately I have not found any club in khobar... been trying to find it for long.. even in compounds... but seems like there is a shortage of good players here :-) .. if you happen to search any, please let me know as well :) ..

thanks and regards

El laith center in doha district in khobar

Thanks  a lot for informing regarding El Laith sports..
I visited them yesterday and they do have tables but no players that I met :) ... Secondly, there is no membership for table tennis.. Tables are provided on hourly basis.... 30 riyals for one hour and 20 riyals for 30 minutes.
if anyone interested to pair up for one session would be great :) ... please p.m your phone number and we can coordinate accordingly :) ..

waiting to hear back from you all


HAhaha, i had the same situation when i was new to Saudi. kindly call on my number we will guide you ***

Mohammed Farooq

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I am interested in playing tt in Al Gosaibi hotel al khober.


I want to pair to anybody but the problem is im not familiar here in al khobar.  Im not a prof. Player but i want just to enjoy here in saudi arabia of my hobby.

Hopr to play here. Tnx :cheers:


is this table tennis club in Khobar.?

If You are interesting in Table tennis pairing email me


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