New members of the Mexico forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Mexico forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Mexico if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi I am new here thinking about moving abroad my interest is bonfil Mexico I thought I would go down for two weeks around the Christmas holidays I have family down in bonfil and playa del Carmen. I was told about if you know someone like a Hispanic its very advisable to have a Hispanic go and find you a place to lived less expensive a month and if you do know anyone yes I do could really get you a good job my preference is tourist guide but English NB will be find

Hi.....My dog Martini and I just drove from Miami beach to Zihuatanejo. Fours days, including one 18 hour drive through Louisana during the flooding there last week. Renting a condo overlooking Madera Beach. Very inexpensive place to live, so far no bugs (maybe they just don't like me). So far, a great place. Kind of the best of both worlds......small and quaint, but with a SAMs and the resort destination Ixtapa is 10 minutes away. Good luck to all who make the move!

Allen & Martini

I am ready to go  but I am going to playa del Carmen soon and if I like it and can make down there I won't be back in the USA

Does anyone know how long you can lived at hostel tres Mondos in playa del Carmen very cheap rent there

Hello Princesa49 > i would invite you to start a new topic with your questions on the Mexico forum, as this thread is on the introduction of new members. ;)

Thank you

i am from Mauritius.... i desperately want to come to Mexico :(


My name is Ange and my husband and I are dreaming of moving to the Yucatan.

We are 30 somethings with a 1 yr old daughter and are ready for a change in pace. We feel we could make a difference and want to do it where the people are soo friendly.

He is a graphic designer of 20 years and I am a Medical assistant of 11 years as well as a cosmetologist of 20 years.

We dont even know where to start... any advice would be great!




I am moving to Cuernavaca and start to work for a company in a couple of weeks until end of Dec 2016.  While I am there, I would like to learn Spanish. Any suggestion how to find a tutor.
Thanks in advance.

Run (pronounced as Wren -:)

Hi, my name is Sergio. I'm from Colombia and currently, I'm living in Australia.
Despite living in Australia is a lovely experience, obviously, I  feel more affinity with my latin people.
I am an IT SAP developer and I am looking for a job in Mexico to move there.


Try … obs+mexico … -in-Mexico

If you can find a list of companies that use SAP it would be best.
Good luck.

Hello, soon to be an expat :-)  Going down in October to hopefully secure my long-term rental in Baja California - Rosarito Beach area.  Looking forward to participating in the community here.

   My wife and I have lived in Mexico for just over four years.  We live on the north shore of Lake Chapala, but would like to move closer to the border.  Someone suggested Saltillo, and we have seen good reports from expats living there.  We would like to come explore the area, but believe we would benefit from some local advice and perhaps a tour suggesting safe places to live and those we want to avoid.  We hope to visit there next Wednesday (9/28).  if you live there and are available, please reply here or to gene1023[at]

Hi all...I've been happily living in San Diego for 30 years, but don't think I can afford to retire here and still enjoy life. Been learning Spanish for the last three years, so I'm a fair enough speaker at this point. I'm self employed so my work can go with me.  I'm open, adventurous and love to I'm researching retirement options in Mexico and other parts of Central/South America. Mainly interested in Mexico, tho. I'm no longer married, so a safe place for a woman living alone is key.  I look forward to everyone's stories and advice! :)

Hi there...I just joined here and would love to know all things about Mexico. Im currently working in Malaysia and I have a bf who is a Mexican but already living in Kuala Lumpur for 3 years. He showed me all the food in Mexico and by just watching the videos and pictures that he took when went back Mexico convinced me that I wanna visit and maybe stay there(I just dont know how yet). But I will definitely appreciate all the help that I can get to get there.  :)  :gloria


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