Football (5 a side)

Hello guys.
Can you type all the places you know where to play football (5 a side) in Brussels?
also, do you wanna play sometimes? ;)

please answer :D

Hi! Curious to know if you got answer to this question? Looking myself for a five-a-side league to play once a week?

Best regards,


Hi Guys,

Even i would be ready to join if you guys form a team.

May be we three are there we can find two with out any problem.

Thanks  --> you will find all relevant informations on this website. Unfortunatly it is in french... But google is your friend

Not very good but would be willing to play just to meet up with some different people once a week.

Hi guys,

Am also new here and would love a game if possible?


Anyone up for volleyball ? (Looking to join a group - amateur).

Hey guys!

Is this football group still going on?

I'm from Uruguay/Argentina and I've just arrived to Brussels. Back in town I play football twice a week, and now I'm desperate trying to find people who plays too.

Can I join you?


Hi, guys, there are many places around Brussels you can rent out a gym for a couple hours. The Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB and UCL) have great facilities including a swimming pool and multiple gyms :) make sure to check it out I have used many times to play 5 a side indoor and outdoor every Friday with my friday.

Peace Jon

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