Good language school in Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg?

Hi there everyone!
My name is Lacy and I just moved to Berlin from Victoria, BC. I'm looking now for a place to take German classes because I can't say a word, plus it seems like a nice way to meet new people. Can anyone recommend a place in either Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg? I'm looking specifically for intensive classes...and rather in the afternoon because I'm more of a night owl, lol. I really don't want to pick a school at random, because I don't really have money to waste, I'd like to make a good choice from the start.
Thanks for your help! :D

There's a few
I used

They offer various alternatives.
I was in the same boat - suggestion take a full course for a month (full day/8 hours) as minimum. You'll speak with the vocab of  a 4 year old after that. (That's good): advantage is that you meet interesting people which can help each other also during studies in the evening. Plus that's a gang that motivates the beegees out of you - to improve.

15 pupil classes are healthy in my opinion.

I had a private tutor after that for a year on a weekly basis.don't feel stupid if you don't sound local after 9 months - it's normal.  I only met one very extremely gifted person in my life that mastered it after 8 months.
Have fun - invest full time at the start -- cut corners elsewhere -u will never look back

I can't speak about the other school suggested - looks a bit stodgy to be honest, from the website. but cool tips, def just stick with it and don't feel too down about yourself if you don't "get it" right away.. after 8 months I could speak intermediate German but it took me 3 years to reach advanced. Everyone has their own pace. The last class I took was C1 level at speakeasy and it is in F'hain btw - near Frankfurter Tor, if that's near you?

I think it might be just the ticket! ^_^ My class had 10 people, good mix, everyone quite nice. My teacher Ricarda was great as well! I took an evening course, but I'm sure they have daytime ones too. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Hello, sorry for refloating the Thread, but I'm also on the search for german schools in Friedrichshain. As of now, the one that caught my eye is Sprachenatelier Berlin. Does anyone on the forum visited this school? Seems pretty friendly and the summer courses look quite fun. Thanks for the help in advantage :)

Hi! I totally recommend Sprachenatelier Berlin in Friedrichshain! I started with an online course  due to COVID, the teachers were top-notch, then I continued with classes on site in Berlin. Every Wednesday they organised a cultural activity to better learn the language and the customs! … rices.html

Vic: Thanks for the recommendation, but please note that this thread has been inactive since 2016 - I doubt that the OP will still read your post!