"Expats" in Baguio City

Are there any "expats" living in Baguio City? That's where I want to settle sometime in early September. I'm an American living in the San Francisco area, and I could use a few pointers about making a successful transition to Baguio. Foremost on my mind right now is finding a good place to rent.

Yes, there are expats in Baguio City.  Since my son goes to Baguio every week and I do monthly, we can be of assistance in scouting a good place for you there.  Just let me know details of your preferred house i.e., how big, how many BR, etc.  By the way, do you know someone already in Baguio City that made you decide to live there?

Thanks, Ruby, for your response. I'm retired and single, so it will be just me living there. I have already done some online searches for rental property in Baguio City, but have concluded that I may need a real estate professional to help me make the best possible selection. My preference is for a furnished studio unit in a condominium with 24-hour security – like, for example, the MegaTower on Sandico Street. My preferred maximum monthly rental is 25,000 PHP.

As for the length of my tenancy, it is my hope to establish permanent residency with the Bureau of Immigration once I arrive in the Philippines. I went to the Philippine consulate in San Francisco to apply for an immigrant visa in order to realize my hope for permanent residency. I was told by a visa officer to simply go to the Philippines on a standard 30-day visa and then, once there, apply for a "Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension" (LSVVE). You may be familiar with other foreign "expats" who have been in the same situation. Because of the indeterminate nature of my stay, it may be necessary for me to initially rent something on a month-to-month basis until my permanent residency is established. It is my hope, though, to eventually secure a long-term lease once I have found a suitable rental.

I don't yet have a specific date of arrival, but I do anticipate that I will be arriving in Baguio sometime during the first or second week of September. It has been my plan to stay in a hotel until I can find a suitable rental. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I don't know anyone in Baguio City. It's just that my Northwestern European heritage has left me genetically-programmed for relatively cool climates. About five years ago, I spent two weeks in Cebu; and long before that, in 1968-69, I spent a year in Vietnam. Based on those two experiences, I think I'd be happier with Baguio's climate. I've done a little research on Baguio and discovered that it's only slightly lower in elevation than our own Lake Tahoe here in California. I love alpine-type climate. If pine trees like it there, I'm sure I will as well.

Thanks again for your consideration. I must confess that I found the prospect of arriving there alone and without friends to be a bit daunting.



Are there any "expats" living in Baguio City? That's where I want to settle sometime in early September. I'm an American living in the San Francisco area, and I could use a few pointers about making a successful transition to Baguio. Foremost on my mind right now is finding a good place to rent.

A lot of expats living in Baguio. Spent almost all my 6 years in Philippines in Baguio City. Is definitely not big and does not offer the other pleasures manila or Cebu may offer, but is nature friendly and much peaceful location if you want to be away from all noise and crowd activities. It is however a wet place and can get foggy in the raining season and typhoon times with less flood as it is located on the mountains.  Its called the summer capital for reasons that it is almost cold everyday. You did be forced to be in jacket when going out. I personally enjoyed being there cos of the climate and i think is a good move, you did enjoy it.

Thanks for your input, "Flex." I don't care about the pleasures of Manila or Cebu City. I spent two weeks in Cebu about five years ago, and I didn't care for the heat and humidity. "Wet and foggy" is fine with me. I am, after all, in San Francisco. There's a reason it has been called "Fog City."

I have to say that I like this website because one can meet people, such as yourself, who share a sense of world community.

Hi Jim,

Just read your response.  Since you will be needing someone to assist you regarding place to stay like a condo unit in Makati, I may be of help.  I can ask some friends around the area.  I used to work in Salcedo Village, Makati and fyi, I am a licensed real estate broker. 

Yes, I think Baguio will be best suited for you if you are not the type who wants the glittering lights at night
and the night life.  It is so peaceful and cool in Baguio City.  Since you do not know anyone and does not have friends here, just let me know when your ETA will be.   We will extend assistance to you. 

I have a friend whose friend is from France and that guy from France is just extending his stay here in the Philippines. That can be checked with the Bureau of Immigration later.

Just let me know and keep in touch.

Best regards,


Hello, may I know if it is your first time to come to the Philippines on a Visitor/tourist Visa? And, would you like to first stay for a couple of weeks  in Makati Area (business district) which is accessible to transportation, commercial areas .... before you moved to Baguio City?  hope I can help you with what you like to do in the Philippines if you choose to retire in my country.  My elder brother used to work in the Phil. Retirement Authority (PRA) & he can help you in all your queries to make your retirement in this country a good choice.  My email address is: **** & you can also reach  me or PM private message me via my facebook account ****.

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Thanks, Ruby, for your helpfulness. I will, indeed, stay in touch with you. As I may have said, I plan to arrive in the Philippines sometime in the first or second week of February. My plan for the future is to spend nine months of each year in the Philippines and three months (June, July, and August) with my daughter and grandkids in California.

Hi Ruby, Jim, and "Flex",
This is exactly the sort of discussion thread that I was looking for! I will be marrying my Filipino wife in Cyprus (where she has worked for the past 5 years) and moving to the Baguio area in October.

While my fiancee is fairly familiar with the province I am trying to get "acclimatized" to what the area has to offer in terms of accommodation before we get there. Our plan is to rent initially while looking for a medium-size house to buy.

Ruby - as you are in the real estate business perhaps you could contact me via a personal message to get the ball rolling!

TIA, Bob

BTW ... I should have added that I am a British ex-pat who has lived on the SW coast of Turkey for the past 8 years. As much as I would have loved to stay in Turkey it seems almost impossible to get a visa for my fiancee without her returning to the Philippines and then waiting for months and months. By moving to the Phils I get the bonus of being able to explore a part of the world that I haven't already seen. :)

Hi Grailseeker - Lucky you!.. I absolutely love Baguio and i think it's a great choice.

I'm there frequently and i have quite a few friends there.  Sorry i've not read the whole thread, but if you have any question, i could try to answer it for you as i'm quite familiar with the area - and if i can't answer, atleast i can check with my friends to answer it for me.  You may PM with any questions you may have.

Best regards

Hello Dimps99... Glad to know you will be moving to Baguio. As i stated early i lived there for 6 years, and though i have been to other places in Philippines i always come back to Baguio and be like this is the best province to me.

I love the climate, not too big so you can basically know almost every place. Is getting a little crowded and heard traffic is becoming an issue there too now. But it will be a place you did like hopefully.

In terms of accommodation, is pretty cheap there. You could get a good 2 bedroom apartment for 20k in pesos at most and as you said buying of a place of your own will be around 100k upwards. There are cheap condos also there.

If you love green, nature, cold temperature and somehow country side living you did enjoy staying in Baguio. we might Meet there one day.

Yeah...i was there years ago training the national boxing team of the philippines...i also liked it in baguio but the rain was heavy and would not stop....but i think living there would be nice...i have a small cottage in negros near the beach..its also very nice....Joe


Yeah...i was there years ago training the national boxing team of the philippines...i also liked it in baguio but the rain was heavy and would not stop....but i think living there would be nice...i have a small cottage in negros near the beach..its also very nice....Joe

hahahah..yap true Baguio is always wet cause of the non stop rains lol..but i loved it...but not when its a typhoon one.

You can get a fully furnished apartment for well below your budget if you or somebody else looks for it. You will probably not find good deals on the internet.

You can visit the Philippines and then you decide if you were satisfy to be here as permanent resident.

wen looking for a place to rent i wood never use real estate agents ,by looking around my self and asking family and frends to do some looking around too one can safe a lot of money and the rent will be a lot less too.

greets Dirk

Hi Grailseeker,  I came across this forum, I am from Baguio and I got a house if you want a house that is vacant most of the time as I live overseas and I go home at least twice a year. My house is not located in the city itself, but 17 kms away. If you are interested I can tell more about it.  thanks edith

i am  from usa  ,  have  lived now for 8 years in baler aurora,  but want to  live  in  cooler  climate,  we have a  house here,  will probably not sell it,  i am interested in  renting  a  furnished  apartment,
hope u can give me an idea of what areas to  look,  i  dont have a  car,  taxi no problem to get around,
want to be close to  restaurants if possible,  good small  local  or whatever, and  some  shopping  for  groceries,
i am married  also  for  8 years,     i have  to go to angelescity in january  for  annual  review  for my perminent  visa,  then  will be looking  to  go to baguio to look around,
thanks for any help u can  give  me

The end of Feburary I am coming to the Philippines for about a month then come back home to tidy up my affairs and move to Philippines permanently. I would like to stay in the Baguio area. Any help in locating a small 2 bedroom house would be appreciated

Hi everyone,

@ Diverdave, try posting an advert in the Housing in the Philippines section of the website. It could get you some offers.

All the best,

Spent a year in Baguio. Cool and boring.

Why Baguio? Cool weather but very boring place.

My wife and I are interested in Baguio area as well. Looking for reasonable house with some modern conveniences but don't need all. If anyone can help us locate a house for rent that would be great! Looking for 1 year rental and then we'll decide after that our long term plans. Hoping around 15-20K monthly but have no idea if that's possible or what we can get. Need 2 bedrooms if possible.

HI I visited Baguio few times by now, cool hmm not sure about that, i been there at different times in a year but only one time i can say it was bit cool due to rain only, but personally I think is extremely busy there and pollution is so bad, i am not trying to put you off it, but for me I look out for my health, and this is not the good place, people tolled me use to be nice there but not any more.

Greetings from Kiwi living in Baguio - San Carlos Heights and loving it,

How have you found your transaction to Baguio please?



Hello Brendan

I love the climate and I feel we have the best of both worlds with a drive down to Bauang just an hour away. Plenty of restaurants to go out and have a bite to eat. No complaints from here. Lived here for 7 years now.

Good on you and we are blessed living here. Thank you buddy

No problem, I live in San Luis, if you ever fancy a beer pop over. I still work in the Middle East, both my bosses are from NZ. I am not sure where abouts but can ask. I am at work right now and back at the beginning of August.

I think it depends where you want to be located.  I live with my wife on Honeymoon Road, but hope to move in to our new Condominium in July.  But it is farther from the downtown are on session Road.  But my wife has Nature's way Beauty Salon & Spa on Mabini Street, so we get to enjoy the main downtown location on Session Road.  If only visiting while searching for a place to live, Mabini and Session Road the best ***
Personally I love this area.  Most of the retailers I have meet, are great and make you welcome.  I would only go back to Don Mills, Toronto, reluctantly.
Baguio has a mild  June or Fall temperature, Quite comfortable.
If you would like more feedback, I am on Facebook. 
Frank Hazelwood

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Where is a good place or bar to meet ex-pats in Baguio?

Hi my husband and I just moved to Baguio City a few months ago.Hope your move went well
We are originally from New York and Boston,but was living in Hong Kong for our business for the past 12 years.We moved to Baguio for the weather and us a shout when you get a chance.Dorothy and Scott

Hi we are expats living in Baguio City for the past few months

Lets get a group together!!

Dorothy and Scott

Thanks for responding.
I would enjoy meeting you two some weekday evening. We are usually visiting my wifes family on weekends.
We could meet for an early dinner. Im from Oklahoma and married a Filipina.

Talk soon


Hello! I am looking for a small house to rent in Baguio for myself and my partner and our two sons. They are currently living in Mindaneo.  Our sons are 7 and 8 years old so I would like to be within walking distance to an elementary school. What would you advise?

I am also interested in retiring to Baguio with the SRRV programme. I live in a very cold place and think the climate in Baguio would be best despite the heavy rain in summer. Is it possible to rent a two bedroom apartment for 15000 peso or is it wishful thinking

@GRAILSEEKER Hi. I'm an Australian with a house in Baguio City. For how many people are you looking? You can also get me on Messenger. Ivan Cristante

Hello Ivan Cristante,

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Expat.com team

Was born in northern Italy aged 6 and came to Australia with parents. Graduated as a geomatic engineer and then some other things but spent most of my life as an entrepreneur with different businesses in different industries like importing, accommodation, real estate and property development, opal mining and other. Travelled a lot. Decided to retire mostly in the Philippines, Baguio in particular, as I have no family and don't like the prospect of ending up in a nursing home in Australia when I'm too old after witnessing the experience of my parents. As you guessed I'm single. In Baguio I have my own home with income from the transient side and a housekeeper to cook and clean and have a house in Sydney with apartments for income there. That way I also have an option if one place becomes unsafe as can be with China or Russia or something else.

Plenty of expats in Baguio Ivan, simply get out and about and meet them if that's what you want, good luck and welcome to the forum.

Cheers, Steve.