Expats in Pampanga ?

I Moved to Pampanga from Makati last month.

Staying here for a few months before returning to Metro Manila probably by February. Its nice to get out of the city for a while, i appreciate the fresh air and the peace of mine of province life.

Any other expats in the area of San Fernando/Pampanga/Clark ?

I would love to connect with you if you're within the region.

I wish there could be an additional sectioning of this board by region.  That way, we get more familiar with which member is at which. 

Anyways, still 4 years away from retiring.  But I always stay in Makati when I visit, which used to be annually pre-Covid.   

Pampanga is a nice reprieve from the noise of Metro Manila.    It is just 1.5 hours away past EDSA.    Lots of construction happening there I heard with the New Clark City.

My name is Abe. I am from London, I have lived in Angeles City Pampanga for almost 3 and half years. Great place to be in.

We live in Metro Manila (Pasig…) but find Angeles more to our liking. The malls have most things needed (maybe not the overseas foreign stuff…), S&R is there (not sure where) and lots of great Restos and bars. No, not the girly kind!

It's got less traffic, cleaner air and the same Filipino friendly disposition. Granted, Manila has a wider selection of things, but if you are not choosy, it's Angeles for me.

We have 2 kids in school here & prefer not to transfer them as they approach college age.

Hello Gentleman, its very nice to meet you three!

May I ask,  are you retired or presently working?  what are or were your professions?

I have visited clark and angeles to see friends every once in a while over the course of the past few years while living in Manila. I do truly appreciate  living here in Pampanga for the time being,  and glad i escaped the mania of Manila.  I may return to Makati after the christmas season (or perhaps by Feb at the latest), but for now i am happy to call this place my home.

i agree that living here does have a limit on selections of things, but i've learned long ago that one can get buy on the simplicity of things. And Manila is not at all too far away if one needs anything that cannot be found here.

again, glad to meet you.

Semi-retired for the past 6 years; currently doing part-time IT work  here in Nashville.   I like country music.  I spent last night listening to Dwight Yoakam.  He's got an upcoming concert in Jan 19-21 here at The Ryman.   "You ... got ...your .... TUG-GU-DUG .... Little Ways..."  So fun.   :Dhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ0izYg2G8A

Tonight, hmm, I think I will be listening to Mo Pitney.   Been awhile since I listened to my CD of his "Behind This Guitar".   He's also got some nasty covers of old classics in youtube. 

Future plan is to venture into mini-resort in Pinas with a base in Makati.

Yo dude gardo.. just ran across this post.  I just moved from Nashville to my brothers in CT.. small world.  I used to work in the music biz w/ a few artists' then work in IT at Saint Thomas Hosp... and now- getting ready for the Phils.  I'm sure you heard this one by Mo Pitney - Mel Street's Borrowed Angel.. if not look it up on YouTube.. you won't be disappointed.

Hi all - Nice to connect with everyone here. I'm in California currently and seriously looking into moving to the Philippines within the next year or so. I've narrowed it down to Angeles, Lapu Lapu or Palawan.

Parvaze wrote:

I've narrowed it down to Angeles...or Palawan.

How come these extreem opposites??   :)

Angeles or Lapu-Lapu is where I was headed until you brought up earthquakes and typhoons (not too worried about earthquakes given I'm in California 😁) didn't know anything about Palawan but it looks like a decent place to be so will see how it all plays out. A lot depends on whether Mt Pinatubo erupts or not at this pont!

Parvaze wrote:

Angeles or Lapu-Lapu is where I was headed until you brought up earthquakes and typhoons (not too worried about earthquakes given I'm in California 😁) didn't know anything about Palawan but it looks like a decent place to be so will see how it all plays out. A lot depends on whether Mt Pinatubo erupts or not at this pont!

No vulcanos at Palawan neither   :)

Depending of what you look for, but there are reasons why Palawan has several times been voted among the most popular islands in the world.

Angeles has a reputation for girly bars, but if you get away from walking street, it's a pretty normal Filipino town. The plus side is an abundance of Western food choices, lots of expats from every country and a major airport nearby. The down side is it is quite a bit more expensive than a similar sized town.

Where are you living in Pampanga?

Hi there Sekmet

Nice to meet you.

I live near SM San Fernando, i'm about 15 minutes away from the Mall.

I've got a few Pinoy friends in Clark and Angeles who i have known forever, but i don't know any expats in the area - hence why i posted here   :)


Palawan you might want to rethink that. A whole lot of brown outs. Check youtube those that live there.

Wayne 07 wrote:

Palawan you might want to rethink that. A whole lot of brown outs. Check youtube those that live there.

My business partrner dont need to bother about brown outs because he ISNT connected to the grid, he has solar  :)

@kristopherryanwatson where are you from ?


@groomerviral0b Sorry but looks like the question was not for you)))


Hi there. I'm Canadian. I was born and grew up in Toronto for most of my life.
@kristopherryanwatson Hi, welcome to Angeles.

Thanks very much !
Oh Canadian. people say, that Canadians are the nicest people on earth. Welcome to Angeles, i live next door, in San Fernando.

A pleasure to meet you. I do, in actuality, live in San Fernando myself.  Seeing any foreigners such as myself in San Fernando is quite rare.

I would more assume to see them in Angeles than anywhere else being rather north from Manila. 

I hope you're having a great weekend thus far!
San Fernando, Tarlac or New Mexico seems like the way to go, or something in Clark Freeport. I don't know if the "green" New Clark City will ever get off the ground.

I want to be within an hour of an international airport and also have options for food, yet not be in a tourist area.

Lets go for a Beer. I havent found any pubs in San Fernando yet, its great to see a Foreigner here.

If you think about the Area, you might want to look into buying a condo at Azure North. Its a Resort style Condo complex with a manmade Beach, with wavepool. Prices are still low and its quite safe and comfortable. I am pretty sure that the prices for real estate in that area will go up heaps.
And given the appalling build quality in the Philippines you can be sure that the Condo will degrade as quickly as the 'projected' increase in price if in fact that is realised. Even if it is, just imagine those 'management fees' needed to maintain that wavepool and manmade beach. Is that why we visit these beautiful islands for the 'manmade' experience?

The Philippines excels in its nature and natural beauty but Filipinos lose the plot when they try and replicate the 'Disney' experience. Frankly its tat.
Well, the Philippine building quality is cheap. I agree on that, but almost the same as in Australia, but for a quarter of the Price. But these mini disneylands attract alot of Staycation business. I were shocked as i have seen one of these units being advertised on Airbnb for 2000 a night, even they had really poor furniture in place. I almost fell off my chair to learn, that the unit was fully booked for months. That makes it quite a interesting business model. A 4 million peso unit who rakes in 700.000 in rental income.
Forgive me. I'm a little confused here. I made the assumption that you were recommending the above property in Azure North (free plug) as a dwelling as opposed to an investment with a revenue stream.
And what an ROI: 17.5%! not including of course management fees, commissions, apartment maintenance, utilities (Filipino guests especially will leave the air con on all day as they are still familiarising themselves to global warming) no shows etc.

You would make an excellent estate agent (Realtor) to our American friends ;). Candidly I'm always suspicious of people who advise on investments without first hand experience - like these internet 'millionaires' who want to tell everybody about their get rich quick schemes - well why would anyone want to share their 'King Midas' secret?

A business associate of mine who went big on bitcoin a couple of years back has gone all quiet..

As I have said before on this Forum - todays condominium development is tomorrows tenement block
No sorry Lotus Eater, I am not a Real Estate Guy and I have nothing to sell. I just sharing, what I see here. Coming from Australia, where you hardly make 1 percent on real estate, i found, that there are some really good deals around here. And given the coming financial storm, it isn't actual easy to find somethings to invest in, what's not going down in value on a daily basis, like the stock market.
Like alot of these things Bierwurst the devil is in the detail. Any potential investor especially in an emerging market economy like the Philippines has to take a long hard look without donning their rose tinted spectacles.

In terms of real estate returns in Australia this is a recent press release from the Australian government Bureau of Statistics:

"Residential property prices rose 23.7 per cent through the year to December quarter 2021, the strongest annual growth since the Residential Property Price Index series began in the September quarter 2003, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)."

HI, you got it.  we can certainly do that.

I'm actually not so familiar with any here either. unless you want to consider the SM mall, which I tend to avoid at all costs.

Maybe  Angeles would be better suited. If there are other Expats form the forum here that reside there in Angeles, we could arrange a hangout as a group.

@ lotus eater

Trust me, i know the Australian market, I've been there for over 10 years. The fact that real estate prices rise at 23 percent is correct, but that doesn't make you any money except you have a pool of houses bought at the right time. Council fees, water rates, electricity and building costs have risen up to 50 percent in a few years. The price for an house in comparison with what you can ask for rent is not working out for investors at the moment. If the price for a house you like to acquire as an rental property is 1.5 million dollar, you cant just make up the rent according to your calculator, as no-one earns that much to pay the high rent.
Australian median house rents are increasing at their fastest rate in 13 years. Rents and property prices are naturally related. I do agree that building costs have surged but that is a worldwide issue.
The above discussion was related to investing in a property (Condo) already completed in the Philippines. It may be that the yield on the Philippine property over say a 5 year period may be higher. But you have to look at the value of the underlying asset ie. the building.

An individual share may give you a low dividend 'rent' but it does not matter if the long term prospects of the company that  issued those shares are good so you benefit from capital growth. So what are the long term prospects of a new build condo in the Philippines?

Aside from the deterioration of the asset (I'm surprised build quality in Aus is as bad) the large property developers in the Philippines are not restricted by cumbersome planning and zoning laws. New builds spring up like weeds and so you don't have the 'supply' issue maintaining high prices above their natural value  like in many western countries.
Moreover the world is now entering what will probably be a deep recession. The cost of living for most families will be increasing in 'real' terms i.e prices rising faster than their income stream. Inevitably when this happens families pare back on discretionary spending. Poorer nations (Sic Philippines) tend to pay a higher % of their income on food.
They will be asking themselves do we really NEED that staycation experience? The tenant in your Sydney condo NEEDS to pay his rent otherwise he will be without a roof over his head.


I cannot seem to find the proceeding reply of yours to my earlier message. perhaps it was deleted by an Admin/Moderator.

Anyway, sure. that souds like a great idea. maybe we can plan a meet-up in 2-3 weeks.

Glad that you're interested. All it takes is 2-3 of us in the area to get things rolling in terms of a get together for a beer at a  pub we can all agree on! 

I have send you a private message @kristopherryanwhatson. Did you receive it ?


Nope, sorry i've got nothing there.  strange.