Looking for my friend

It's a bit of a long shot.l am searching for my American friend after losing his card some 20 years ago.We met in a manila hotel and played pool all day.He is a navy seal and was selling toys in the hotel.l am Raymond Patterson and on Facebook.

Hello Raymon Patterson,

I hope you find your friend .. Do you have any idea who he had in his family, where are they from ?

All the best


A name would be helpful.

try Linkedin also.

@Raymond Patterson

If he is a real Navy SEAL and you know his name you can contact Don Shipley. Don runs the website https://videos.extremesealexperience.com/. Unfortunately virtually everyone who claims to be a SEAL was never a SEAL and many were never even in the Military. Retired SEALs don't usually go around bragging about it. The FBI estimates there are 300 fake SEALs for every living Navy SEAL.

I worked with a guy many years ago who told people he was a SEAL. In those days there was a website called Wall Of Shame with an email address for SEAL verification. The guy was not in the BUD/S database so he was lying. Another coworker wanted to verify his mouthy father in law, same thing.

Some extreme cases are slime balls like Rodney Mann who has a book "Life With the Suicide Disease" selling on Amazon. He spiced it up a bit claiming he was a SEAL when in reality he was booted out of the Navy with a less than honorable discharge. He is guilty of Stolen Valor and should be prosecuted for that crime.

If you view some of Don's "Phony Navy SEAL of the Week" videos you will see many deplorables but none worse than the guy who put his name and information on the DD214 of a real Navy SEAL who received the Medal of Honor posthumously.